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Grappling gloves “Krav Maga” – black, size S-M


Other advantages:

material mix of genuine and artificial leather

unique cushioning system

wrist fixation

perfect fit


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Self-protection is the be-all and end-all in Krav Maga. This martial art does not focus on the attack but solely on your defense. TOP TEN has developed the “Krav Maga” boxing gloves so that you can fall back on a vast repertoire of techniques in an emergency. With these handguards, you can safely train numerous striking methods without having to accept serious injuries. The outer hand is made of soft cowhide leather, while the palm features a hard-wearing synthetic leather insert. The padding made of dimensionally stable high-performance foam has a dampening effect but without negatively affecting the feel of the shot. The “Krav Maga” boxing gloves have a wide and robust hook and loop fastener, making them highly comfortable.

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