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Grappling gloves “4Tactical”



Additional advantages:

face/finger guide with genuine leather

protection zone around the wrist PU synthetic leather

skin-friendly neoprene lining

dimensionally stable padding

specially worked „shooting finger“


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The “4Tactical” grappling gloves are aimed at all professional professionals in personal and security protection and security services. They consist of a sophisticated mix of materials and have specific protection zones. This includes the index finger, which can be moved freely via an elastic band, thus upgraded to a shooting finger. Real deployments in the use of firearms can already be practiced safely during training thanks to the “4Tactical” grappling gloves. Furthermore, the “4Tactical” protective gloves with their exposed fingers allow you to perform a wide variety of gripping and throwing techniques undisturbed. A skin-friendly neoprene lining supports the wearing comfort. In combination with the easy-to-close hook and loop fastener, the “4Tactical” grappling gloves are part of the safety concept in every training session.

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