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Focus mitts TOP TEN black/red, (1 pair)


Focus mitts are an indispensable basis for the optimal development of your strokes in martial arts training. The functional “Focus mitt” by TOP TEN from a mix of leatherette and leather is not only particularly robust but also extremely comfortable. This is ensured by the slight curvature, as well as the anatomical hand bridges. The “Focus mitt” can be quickly lead with their 240 g (170 g each) and makes the joint training varied and demanding. For your protection, high-quality padding was used, which distributes the pressure evenly over the entire surface of the hand mitt. The brand-typical TOP TEN print is abrasion-resistant on the striking surface and gives the red/black impact cushion “Focus mitt” its sporty look.

Other advantages:

  • anatomical hand bridges
  • high grip comfort
  • blended fabric made of leather and synthetic leather
  • impact-absorbing foam core

The red-black seduction of TOP TEN – “Focus mitt”.

The red-black “Focus mitt” by TOP TEN is simply seductive and invites you to embark on it unrestrainedly. Let your emotions run free and give everything to the claws. But you also get back a lot: a precise punching, increased responsiveness, more endurance and a lot of fun in the common partner training. The multi-layered padding of the “Focus mitt” distributes energy over the entire surface and protects holders and athletes in the long term from overloading or serious injuries.

Fresh wind in everyday training.

If you train a lot, it also sweats a lot. Sweat is the reward for physical activity but also has unpleasant side effects. In addition to the destruction of the material, the bacteria in the sweat cause a bad smell. Muffing claws and co. Are the result. With the “Focus mitt”, TOP TEN not only includes the antimicrobial properties of genuine leather in the thermal concept but also sets new standards through wide ventilation channels. Thus, the hand claws always remain sovereign even during long training sessions and give you a pleasantly safe and dry feeling.

Personal support – of course at Budoland.

Who likes to buy the cat in a poke? That’s why we at Budoland offer free support via our online shop. If you are not sure when choosing one of our products, just email our experts or call us directly. So you can put together your shopping cart with expert support and rely on the tips and tricks of active budo athletes.

With the “Focus mitt” hand claws by TOP TEN, you will make your training routine more varied. That’s why she now secures your order in our online shop.


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