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Focus Mitts “Power Ink Black’n’Black”


TOP TEN provides an incomparable training partner with the “Power Ink Black’n’Black” focus mitts. The pair of imitation leather mittsis simple in its matt black design. However, the typical TOP TEN Power Ink lettering on the slightly curved striking surfaceunmistakably ensures that it belongs to the famous martial arts collection. TOP TEN relies on a closed and padded back for the “Power Ink Black’n’Black” Focus Mitts for safety on both sides. The grip ball inside the claw gives the wearer extra grip so that you can train with optimal movement speed. An additional protective pad on the lower edge stabilizes the wrist and allows counter-pressure to build up.

Additional advantages:

  • slightly curved construction
  • filled palm
  • padded hand guide
  • matte black faux leather cover

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“Power Ink Black’n’Black” mitts focus on safety.

Everyone talks about the safety of athletes in martial arts, but what about the coaching staff? TOP TEN brings the necessary protection to both sides in martial arts with the “Power Ink Black’n’Black” hand pads. In addition to high-damping padding on the inside of the imitation leather mitts, the padded and completely closed carrying system on the back is crucial.

Counter hits with the necessary counter-pressure: “Power Ink Black’n’Black” Focus Mitts.

A punch in the dark could be more promising in training. If you want to use your strength correctly, you need the necessary counter-pressure. TOP TEN has built the basis for immediate impulse processing into the “Power Ink Black’n’Black” with the help of an internal ball grip. Forces are not simply absorbed but can be immediately transformed into a counter-reaction. In addition, the holder of the pads gets excellent sensitivity when handling the hand pads, which means that the movement speed during training can be adjusted to a high level.

Came to stay. High-quality training equipment from TOP TEN.

Let’s set an example together and give our planet a chance to survive. In addition to a first-class selection of materials and transparent manufacturing methods, TOP TEN emphasizes the products’ longevity. Despite the high demands that the “Power Ink Black’n’Black” Focus Mitts are subjected to in daily use, they are among the training tools that can be used over the long term.

Continue the success story of the TOP TEN Power Ink series and get the “Power Ink Black’n’Black” hand pads for your martial arts training from our online shop.

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