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Focus Mitt „Coach Racket“


With the TOP TEN Focus Mitt “Coach Racket,” you ensure the right momentum in your martial arts training. The shape of a racketenables you to react quickly and places extraordinary demands on endurance, fitness, and reflexes. Suitable for speed training, the “Coach Racket” has a sturdy strap that ensures the best possible grip in addition to the padded handle. The target area is visually highlighted with the typical TOP TEN Company design so that you can’t lose sight of your target at all speeds. The robust synthetic leather cover is designed for the toughest loads and encloses the striking surface and the ergonomic handle. This means that the training tool can be easily cleaned, which meets the requirements of communal and group sports.

Additional advantages:

  • handy training tool
  • high-quality faux leather cover
  • stable hand strap
  • TOP TEN design
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Resounding success guaranteed: TOP TEN Focus Mitt “Coach Racket”.

If you want to achieve top performance in sport, you need top equipment at your side. With the “Coach Racket” from TOP TEN, you face a new challenge in training. This is where your responsiveness matters. Can you hit the arranged clubface safely in short sequences? The position and height of the racket-like Focus Mitt can be changed again and again by your coach. Eye coordination and body reaction must match 100% when exercising with the “Coach Racket.”

A win for every type of training – the “Coach Racket” from TOP TEN.

Even the youngest martial artists quickly figured out the “Coach Racket” system. The bat-shaped Focus Mitts are much easier to handle than usual pads, and Focus Mittsmake a carefree and light impression. With their flat padding, they ensure a sufficient level of safety. In addition to using in martial arts training, the “Coach Racket” is also suitable for exercises in the fitness area.

It’s easier together – partner exercises in sports.

Sometimes it’s a question of motivation. Partner exercises are perfect for new impulses in everyday training and strengthen cohesion. In this way, the individual athlete at the “Coach Racket” quickly becomes a brilliant team player. Due to the speed, both sides must always keep a close eye on each other, and previous agreements must be observed. With the common training goal achievement, the motivation is quickly high again.

The TOP TEN Focus Mitt “Coach Racket” from our online shop is made for collective training success.

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