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Fitness work station, boxing station incl. Speedball Platform Set with speedball


Get your free-standing multifunctional center from TOP TEN now. The sports station consists of a stable square steel raw construction and can be anchored to the floor if required. With a total of 3 suspensions, the boxer can easily accommodate 3 punching bags or 2 punching bags and 1 double-ended ball. Thanks to the free-standing structure, several athletes can train at the fitness station at the same time. Demanding circle training brings more variety to your daily training routine. The TOP TEN multifunctional center is also ideal for training at home in your own home gym, as a compact space offers the maximum of training options. While the hangers for punching bags and double-end ball are firmly fixed, the height of the punching ball and platform included in the set can be adjusted individually.

Further advantages:

  • stable tubular steel construction
  • Floor anchoring possible
  • simple construction
  • including height-adjustable boxing pear



Enjoy shared success – training at the TOP TEN boxing station.

We do not know martial arts as a team sport, but joint training sessions create a certain team spirit. The TOP TEN fitness station invites you to exercise together in the fitness area, but also tolerates dynamic sessions in interval and circle training. The sturdy tubular steel construction is easy to assemble and can be anchored directly to the floor for more stability.

Maximum training fun with minimal space utilization.

Your gym can be so space-saving. Thanks to the well-thought-out construction, TOP TEN offers you an extensive range of training courses in the smallest of spaces with the multifunction center. Decide for yourself how you want to design your station. It is possible to hang up 3 punching bags or to replace one of them with a double end ball. The box pear included in the set is supplied complete with a platform and holder. Your position can be flexibly adjusted in height on the middle stand.

A training device with a thousand possibilities.

Extend your training plan with endless possibilities at the free-standing multifunction center from TOP TEN. On their own or together, athletes of all ability levels enjoy demanding training on a sandbag, punching pear and the like to strengthen their stamina, strength, speed, and endurance.

Get the TOP TEN perfectionism into training with the free-standing fitness station from our online shop.

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