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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Gi “Guerriero”


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Have you “swept” already today? No, then off in the BJJ suit “Guerriero” and start to fight. Train your 650 muscles and power up again. Your movements will come into their own with dynamism and power in the BJJ suit. With the support of our BJJ and MMA experts, we have succeeded in producing a high-quality Gi that more than meets the demands of the sport. The double-weave and thus particularly tear-resistant cotton give the “Guerriero” the necessary grip. The cool patches make him appear casual, without distracting from the essentials. The cut promises pure joy of movement with maximum wearing comfort.

Additional advantages:

  • wide, reinforced lapels
  • knee reinforcement
  • pleasant on the skin
  • exclusive details
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Command Center of the Movement – Cortex Vs. Guerriero.

Your gray cells also want to keep moving and control over 650 muscles in the body. In BJJ different training sessions determine your motorical development. Condition training, strength training, and technique training are combined and challenge you a lot. The suit “Guerriero” goes with you through many difficult training session. He sits perfectly on the body without constricting. Your gray cells can focus entirely on the movement, the rest is provided by the Guerriero.

Things that make life better.

Are earmarked and easy to handle. Just like our Gi from Top Ten. Especially for the BJJ athlete, our designers have designed the high-quality suit made of 100% cotton. With great detailed solutions, such as reinforced knee sections or particularly strong multiple seams, the Guerriero impresses in everyday training as well as in competition. The suit is set in scene with unfussy patches on jacket and trousers.

More possibilities also bring more fun.

In no other martial arts is the discussion about Gi or No-Gi as hot and passionate as discussed at BJJ. It is clear, who wants to use BJJ only for self-defense, does not necessarily need a Gi. Which attacker wears a gi in reality before he wants to attack you? But honestly, how often does that happen in your life? For most of us, BJJ is a sport that should bring us fun, both in training and in competition. Since more is possible in the Gi, he also brings more fun and incidentally offers your body a “soft” protective cover.

Your gray cells need more exercise again? Then off to the BJJ with the Gi, that promises pure fun.

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