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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Gi “Guerriero”


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“Black velvet and that little boy smile” is how the blues-rock song Alannah Myles began in 1989 and reached top positions in the charts. In the black velvet of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu suit “Guerriero”, you too will have a smile on your face. Although we made the suit from 100% cotton, it still wears itself silky on your skin. The advantages of cotton give it absolute tear resistance and dimensional stability. The red patches and the cool warrior patch, stand out by the black tone of the suit. For those who want to attract attention, the Guerriero is the perfect gi.

Additional advantages:

  • reinforced jacket reverse
  • fixed multiple seams
  • Reinforcement in the shoulder and chest area
  • comfortable to wear
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An exotic perennial favorite – the BJJ Kimono “Guerriero” by Hayashi.

Why a kimono? You are looking for a suit for your sporty passion BJJ and still, need the right outfit? Then the kimono, or even called Gi, or like the other way round, is just the thing for you. The close-fitting cut makes it hard for your opponent to grasp and snap on the Gi, as would be the case with a loose judo gi. The comfortable fit on your skin, the cut does not break. We paid attention to the highest quality in the selection of cotton.

Double is known to be better.

The used “Double Weave” cotton is often used for traditional garments. It is, again name suggests, double woven and therefore extremely durable and stands for long life. Their excellent characteristics are noticeable in weight. The kimonos made of double-woven cotton are among the heavier suits. But especially during training, this brings a further increase in the performance of the condition. The fabric structure itself is rougher and makes it difficult for the opponent to access.

A Gi shows size.

With the right size selection, most BJJ athletes are faced with the first challenge. Classically, the Gi’s are offered in sizes A1 to A5 and have as a guide the height of the athletes. A1 starts for everyone by 160 cm and A5 is about 200 cm. It is best to try on, try out and feel good.

A Gi is more like a cowl and trousers, it’s a statement about your sport. Make your point clear and get the BJJ Gi “Guerriero” in our online shop.

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