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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Gi “Samurai”


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He can do it all, our “Samurai” Gi from Hayashi. He keeps when he is torn or pulled, he tolerates the washing machine and also sweat and rough gymnastic mats cannot easily do to him. The deciding factor for all these outstanding properties is the fabric used. We have used woven cotton as prescribed by the IBJJF (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation). To optimize the grip and comfort of the athlete, the suit is even made of double-weave cotton. If you want to take part in official BJJ competitions, you should also inform yourself in time about the respective regulations regarding Gi.

Further advantages:

  • high-quality patches
  • eye-catching design
  • extremely resilient
  • comfortable to wear
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It is never too late for the right decision, like the BJJ suit “Samurai”.

Giving up does not apply, certainly not in sports. But with the right “submissions”, you can easily get your opponent to work. The use of these handles must be well considered, as this decision is usually decisive for the fight. The techniques in the BJJ must be practiced many times. An effective and multi-faceted BJJ training is only really useful with Gi. Due to the reinforced lapels and the special cut, many more handles and techniques can be practiced.

“Muito Obrigado professor”.

With everything you want to learn, you need someone to show it to you. In BJJ, teachers or coaches have many different names. So do not be confused when talking about professors, grandmasters or a sensei. They all deserve your utmost respect and recognition from the group. The BJJ suit “Samurai” is not only intended for all specialists, but it is also quite an ambitious beginner.

With chic and style on the mat.

In Jiu-Jitsu, individual styles have emerged over time and made the sport even more diverse. No matter which style you choose, Hayashi’s “Samurai” BJJ suit will accompany you. He stands with his design for passion and power and leaves you in your movements the necessary freedom for explosive dynamics. All in all, the suit is cut casually, without offering the attacker an unnecessary grip surface.

Still uncertain? Then try it out, our all-rounder “Samurai” by Hayashi.

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