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Boxmaster Tower training station


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The Boxmaster Tower from Top Ten not only looks spacy, he also promises an unprecedented training feeling. Whether in individual training or as a group module, the Boxmaster guarantees a training pleasure as from the other star. With its marked 12 targets, all of which are in different positions, you can practice endless combinations of punches and kicks and you do not have to rely on a training partner. The exercises on the Boxmaster offer both the fitness athlete new challenges, as well as the skilled martial artist. As a training device, the Boxmaster is always at your disposal and always in well-known top ten quality. Through this constant, the risk of injury is reduced by a multiple – the Boxmaster is your always concentrated sparring partner.

Additional advantages:

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 4-layer sandwich foam
  • Synthetic leather covers individually removable
  • Power absorbed by 14-fold wound steel springs

The countdown is running. For the ultimate training fun with the Boxmaster from Top Ten.

Top Ten offers the new training alternative in the fitness and martial arts sector with the Boxmaster Tower. With dimensions of 200 cm in height, 80 cm in width and 150 cm in length (with base plate), the Boxmaster brings compressed the full boxing pleasure. Its own weight of around 200 kg ensures a safe stand on the groundeven at full power.

A round thing – the Boxmaster.

The 6 small round striking elements are welded with 14-fold wound steel springs on the stable main spar. With their 20 cm diameter and the 4-layer sandwich foam, they are perfect for punching and kick training. In the lower middle, there is large, round upholstery with a diameter of 30 cm and a 17 cm thick padding. Here, impulses are absorbed effectively and gentle on the joints.

Fighting fun in the 2nd dimension.

On the “2. Floor” offers the Tower in the middle, right on the main post, a large, slightly edged impact pad with 5 touch points. The tool is covered by a flat cover, with another 3 marked faces. Both elements have padding and the leatherette covers can be removed by means of a zipper to close at the back, for hygienic cleaning. Strong and extra-wide hook and loop fasteners keep the connection between the two components.

The big comeback of aerobics.

In April 1982, Jane Fonda’s first fitness video sparked a real fitness hype and the hour of aerobics had come. In the exercises of aerobic training, the body should be stimulated to convert more oxygen in the body. Especially good at endurance and conditioning exercises with low load. The principle is also used in Boxmaster-training and in addition to anaerobe phases, with high physical stress, extended. A rhythmic sequence of both phases brings you a new training feeling and guarantees unique results.

Are you ready for a superlative training? Then get our Boxmaster from Top Ten.

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