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Boxing ring WAKO


The TOP TEN WAKO boxing ring with external dimensions of 7.5 x 7.5 m can be easily set up with a colorful modular system. It consists of a sturdy steel frame substructure, a robust, cushioning wooden floor, a deck of Mirelon and a ground cover. Thus, the boxing ring corresponds to the international rules of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations, which prohibits the laying out of the floor by mats/tatamis. Furthermore, the WAKO boxing ring has 4 ropes with rope connectors, as well as soft corner cushions in red, blue and white. The 3-step stairs ensure a safe entry into the 100 cm high boxing ring. The robust side outer tarp is attached to the WAKO boxing ring with adhesive hooks.

Additional advantages:

  • External dimensions 7.5 x 7.5 m
  • Internal dimensions 6.1 x 6.1 m
  • steel frame substructure
  • Wooden floor with damping + tarpaulin
  • complies with WAKO regulations
approx. 750,00 cm x 750,00 cm x 230,00 cm
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Compliant – WAKO boxing ring by TOP TEN.

Our TOP TEN WAKO boxing ring is impressive. The construction succeeds fast over an understandable modular system. The enclosed illustrated instructions lead step by step to the finished competition ring with a tarpaulin covering and rope guide. TOP TEN has chosen the WAKO boxing ring for excellent material selection and the best workmanship.

Build tension in the TOP TEN WAKO boxing ring.

Before the first kickboxing competitions can start, it’s time to re-build suspense. The WAKO boxing ring is surrounded by 4 ropes in the distances (from the ground) 40 cm and 3 x 30 cm. Tensioners, upholstery and connecting straps are of course included. The upholstered corners are color-coded and are used for better orientation in the 6.1 x 6.1 m interior of the TOP TEN WAKO boxing ring.

4 corners and yet a ring.

The history of the boxing ring is way back when the athletes still surrounded the spectators fought on the ground. With the London Prize Ring Rules, the fights were first moved to a roped zone – the term boxing ring remained despite the quadrangular shape continue to exist.

We give you the right ground under your feet, with the WAKO TOP TEN boxing ring for training and competition.

Gewicht 1200,00 kg