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Boxing Gloves “STAR XLP”


The boxing gloves “Star XLP” from TOP TEN surprise you without any extra celebrity touch. In the two popular color designs blue or red, there is nothing wrong with the solid leather gloves. The inner life of the boxing gloves is also impressive. PPS is a top class paddingand the raw materials for this immensely strong foam are still MADE IN GERMANY at TOP TEN. The pre-curvature of the padding gives the finished, still hand-crafted boxing gloves, their final look. The advantage for you is obvious. Without any additional muscle strain, the “Star XLP” will keep your fists in perfect control. It automatically counteracts premature fatigue and strengthens your stamina and endurance. The “Extra” foam pad in the wrist area ensures with the compression fixation of the strong hook and loop closures for the enormous stability of your joints.

Additional advantages:

  • leather gloves
  • WAKO approved
  • Thermoregulation by mesh
  • extra-long PPS molded foam padding
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A star bearing a name – “Star XLP” boxing gloves by TOP TEN.

The unmistakable TOP TEN star on the clubface stands for the high quality that distinguishes TOP TEN products. Rightly the “Star XLP” may show its origin openly. For the outer shell is wonderfully soft genuine leather used and the inner surface is thoughtfully divided with a mesh-inserts. Together with the moisture-wicking lining made of nylon taffeta, sweat is immediately dissipated to the outside, even with increasing physical strain.

Make a relationship out of a relationship.

Secretly hatched in the boxing gloves of a colleague? Or have you even “lost” yourself and questioned your own sports equipment? Then get involved in something new and feel the difference with the “Star XLP” boxing gloves from TOP TEN – the brand of the champions. The ratio of weight and cushioning in this product are in perfect balance and bring you comfort and a high degree of safety. The materials used are robust and dimensionally stable, thus guaranteeing you a long service life.

The explosion of emotions.

It has been scientifically proven that we go through many emotions in sports in a relatively short period of time. From stress, joy, pain to pride, everything is included, even in a relaxed workout. In addition, learning to respect the rules and respect others makes you look good, even outside of sports. With mature TOP TEN equipmentthat supports your athletic performance, you are quickly unbeatable physically and mentally.

Make yourself proud and get the “Star XLP” boxing gloves from TOP TEN in our online shop.

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