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Boxing Gloves “R2M 2016”


Just hit the ground, with our boxing gloves “R2M 2016” from the TOP TEN success story. The gloves are designed specifically for the beginner areas of the trend and fitness box and have a weight of 10 oz. In the total of 7 different color variants, the beginner gloves made of high-quality artificial leather also make a real visual impression. From the neutral white to the upbeat fresh pink and the noble black, the TOP TEN designers have something for every taste. To keep your hands dry in the sweaty full body workout, the palm is perforated and allows the air to circulate freely. For perfect protection, the thumb is close to the clubface and the soft paddingabsorbs forces perfectly.

Additional advantages:

  • Entry-level model for fitness / kick / aerobics boxes
  • 100% imitation leather
  • 7 appealing color designs
  • rounded hook and loop closure

Make us fit, with the boxing gloves “R2M 2016”

Your favorite jeans pinches and also the look in the mirror tells you that it’s time? With the new trend sports, such as fitness and aerobic boxes, the pounds are tumbling. The advantage: These sports can be started by anyone. Whether you are already athletic or only come in, the fightless boxing trends offer the right thing for all levels of performance. With the Boxing Gloves “R2M 2016”, TOP TEN introduces you to the ultimate beginner gloves to prevent skin abrasions or ankle injuries.

Stress reduction in a different way.

Who thinks that boxing is boring without an opponent, has never left out his energy on a sandbag. Also in joint partner exercises, the focus mitt training, it is very dynamic. Especially stamina, speed, and agility are required of you and let you properly burn calories. Since our fists are not naturally made to beat, you should definitely wear boxing gloves with good shock absorption. TOP TEN has equipped its “R2M” with a fixation foam core, which also keeps your hand in perfect hand position. The strong hook and loop closure ensures a secure fit.

Who has the choice, has the agony.

With 7 different color options, the choice of your boxing glove “R2M” is not easy. All models have the same basics proven in practice. These include a pre-curvature, the natural shaping of the box fist, the stitched thumb to prevent stab wounds or kinking, the perforated palm for optimal thermoregulation and a durable outer materialmade from 100% animal-friendly artificial leather.

Start your personal full body workout with the boxing gloves “R2M” by TOP TEN.

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