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Boxing Gloves “Profi Tricolor”


Developed by professionals for professionals – these are the boxing gloves “Profi Tricolor” by Top Ten. The precisely fitting leather gloves made of 100% cowhide convince with a soft-touch surface and a high-performance EVA foam core. Best processing techniques will not let the gloves down even with intensive use in terms of quality and longevity. The anatomical pre-curvature guides your hands into the ideal stroke position, the lacing guarantees a bomb-proof fit in every position. The perforated palm of the boxing gloves “Profi Tricolor” ensures pleasant thermoregulation. In the available weight ranges, the “Profi Tricolor” are obtainable in different color combinations. The TOP TEN Company logo completes the sporty high-quality look of boxing gloves in style.

Additional advantages:

  • professional competition gloves
  • Individual lacing system
  • 5 different color designs
  • EVA foam core
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Your strong partner in professional sports – TOP TEN and the boxing gloves “Profi Tricolor”.

Have you ever climbed a mountain with flip flops? Then you should also rely on professional boxing rather on “sturdy footwear”. Boxing gloves with lacing, such as the “Profi Tricolor” are the first choice especially for the high demands in the professional field. They can be individually adjusted and fix hands and wrists immensely strong.

All good things come in threes.

Our boxing gloves already carry the 3 in their name and the number does not only refer to the abrasion-resistant three-color design. In addition, there are 3 other TOP TEN innovations in these gloves. Cushioning, ventilation, and fixation make the boxing gloves in the professional field a reliable and powerful piece of equipment.

EVA`s story.

The term EVA comes from ethylene vinyl acetate and is the thermoplastic material used as padding in the boxing gloves “Profi Tricolor”. Its almost rubber-like properties make it particularly powerful in terms of impact resistance and absorption effect. EVA is injection-molded using a special injection-molding process that is modeled on the natural shape of the fist. Your hands and wrists get the best protection and are spared even with intensive boxing units.

For even more professionalism are the boxing gloves “Profi Tricolor” Top Ten.

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