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Boxing Gloves “Pro”


Genuine leather competition boxing gloves in sporty, dynamic design variants are the TOP TEN boxing gloves “Pro.” In addition, with the different ounce weights available, you can find your ideal gloves, depending on what you value in boxing. Fitness boxers and technicians will prefer the lighter variant, competitive athletes for a realistic feeling. The 10 oz “Pro” and anyone who wants to increase performance and endurance is advised to use boxing gloves from 12 oz. The lacing is tightly guided via perforations in the palm and can be individually adapted to any hand shape. The TOP TEN Company logo on the outer hand of the “Pro” boxing gloves makes the overall package coherent in terms of style, functionality, and safety.

Additional advantages:

  • competition Gloves (10 oz)
  • 100% cowhide
  • EVA foam core
  • lace-fixing
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Sitting fast on any fist – the boxing gloves “Pro” by TOP TEN.

Strong in the cover and even stronger in their own clout, these are the “Pro” boxing gloves of the cult brand TOP TEN. For decades this name stands for safe and fair martial arts. The “Pro” boxing gloves are given optimum impact resistance thanks to the high-performance EVA foam padding. Even at maximum strength and frequent use of the “Pro” always sovereign, robust and dimensionally stable.

Without compromise, it gets better.

Our whole life is paved with compromises, whether in private life, in the job. Consciously uncompromising, TOP TEN has designed the boxing gloves “Pro”. There is nothing to do without and you win by the wealth of options boxing gloves that meet your individual needs to 100%. Also, the “feeling” in your gloves is crucial, after all, you have to be able to blindly trust them in an emergency. The high-quality material of the “Pro” gloves is still crafted in high-quality craftsmanship and the perfect natural fit protects and stabilizes your joints and ankles perfectly.

Your way to a balanced energy balance.

In boxing gloves, the energy balance decides to a large extent on the padding used. With the EVA foam core used in the “Pro” boxing gloves, your impact energy is transferred powerfully or distributed over the entire surface in a protective manner during blocking. This effective energy management protects you, like your partner, from serious injury and adds extra security to what TOP TEN of this glove series, in addition to classic safety tools, is all about.

Use perfect energy management for your peak performance and order the “Pro” boxing gloves from TOP TEN in our online shop now.

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