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Boxing gloves “Pro Twister”


You can’t avoid the “Pro Twister” from TOP TEN as a boxing professional. The anatomically preformed genuine leather gloveswith high-quality PPS padding are simply unbeatable in their performance class. The 10 oz weight is distributed over the entire palm, which means that the “Pro Twister” does not cause your hands and arms to tire prematurely, even if you wear it for a long time. In a choice of white/blue or white/red design, the professional boxing gloves with lacing fit perfectly into the competition regulations. The Young Professional, “Pro Twister” boxing gloves with their strikingly padded wrist area in a striped look provide an extra dose of safety. The sweat-wicking inner lining in the TOP TEN company dress code makes the boxing gloves extremely comfortable to wear and skin-friendly.

Additional advantages:

  • high-quality genuine leather cover
  • robust lacing
  • fixed thumb
  • strong padded wrist area
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Convince with natural knowledge – the “Pro Twister” boxing gloves for champions.

You went your way in sport and made it to the professional level. Then it’s time to upgrade your equipment. With the “Pro Twister” boxing gloves from TOP TEN, young professionals, as well as senior experts, get their money’s worth. Due to the natural leather material, the “Pro Twister” brings an exceptionally high level of comfort, supported by the material’s longevity and resilience. The genuine leather gloves can be individually adjusted and fit your hands like a glove, thanks to the lacing.

A deal for winners – get your professional boxing gloves directly from the martial arts giant TOP TEN.

Please don’t wait for success to come by itself but get your first victory with the right choice of your boxing equipment. For professionals like you, only first-class equipment goes in the sports bag. Therefore, trust in the knowledge of experts and get TOP TEN, a martial arts outfitter with decades of experience at your side. The “Pro Twister” lace-up gloves in the 10-ounce weight range are made for more safety in professional sports and have extra PPS padding on the wrist area.

Boxing gloves “Pro Twister” have the bow out.

TOP TEN is the brand of champions and brings a quality product to your hands with the “Pro Twister” professional boxing gloves. The natural curvature of the boxing gloves prevents premature fatigue and helps you keep your hands in the ideal punching position without any additional effort. As an indispensable basis for professional boxing, the “Pro Twister” is a guarantee of both safety and success.

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