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Boxing gloves „Mixfight Kids“


Get on the mat with us. For all cool kids, there are now the trendy “Mixfight” boxing gloves in the kids sizes of 6 and 8 ounces. This allows you to find your safe entry into boxing. Due to the perfect fit, the sporty thumb guards “Mixfight” Kids are also suitable for kickboxing and bring you with the roaring gorilla print a lot of fun in training. The robust cover made of red and black artificial leatherconvinces with precise and flat seams. The thumb is fixed and thus contributes to your safety, because an accidental buckling is therefore impossible. With the wide and strong hook and loop fastener you close the boxing gloves “Mixfight” Kids over the wrist and get additional stability.

Other advantages:

  • sensational damping system
  • compression fixation
  • pre-curved
  • durable synthetic leather with print
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Anything but “cute” – boxing gloves “Mixfight” Kids.

While our combat cats are particularly captivating the youngest athletes, the “Mixfight” Kids are designed for cool boys and girls from about 6 years upwards. Anything but cute, is the roaring gorilla on the outside hand. The abrasion-resistant print on the synthetic leather cover should activate the kids and bring fun into training. As a little brother of the popular “Mixfight” boxing glove series, the “Mixfight” Kids offer an extremely high damping force with a sensationally strong padding. This protects children’s ankles and joints, and nothing stands in the way of impulsive martial arts training.

Why is the banana crooked?

… because no one moved into the jungle and the banana just bent. An old German nursery rhyme classic. But why are the boxing gloves “Mixfight” Kids so bent? The whole thing is simple: only this way, your hands are immediately in the ideal state of stroke, simply because of the curvature of the gloves. This saves valuable strength and thus strengthens the endurance of young martial artists. The tight thumb supports the body-oriented leadership. The fixation is an important safety tool and was taken over by the big “Mixfight” boxing gloves.

Hip combination: children and martial arts.

Many have complained: teachers, paediatricians, health insurance and not least the policy. Our children have developed ever greater deficits in terms of motor skillsover the last few decades. Sport is the best alternative to listlessness, lack of exercise and motor deficiencies. In martial arts Kita kids can show what’s in them and playfully develop a good body feeling. As with any sport, safety is an essential part of it, and that from the beginning. With the “Mixfight” Kids children’s hands are well protected in the stroke training and look very cool.

Bring cool kids out – boxing gloves “Mixfight” Kids can now be ordered from our Onlineshop.

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