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Boxing Gloves “Mixfight Gorilla XLP”


These genuine leather gloves from TOP TEN motivate with their ultimate gorilla print to maximum performance. In the different weight ranges, depending on the training focus, they support endurance, coordination, punching power and offer a perfect attunement to your next competition. The extra-long padding made of high-quality PPS foam is pulled far over the wrist area and stabilizes your hands additionally when blocking. With the padded grip line, TOP TEN ensures a secure fit in the glove. The innovative ventilation system with mesh inserts and the washable lining do not give sweat and bacteria a chance. As a special security feature, the thumb is well hidden by the blowhand and is held securely with a ribbon.

Additional advantages:

  • leather gloves
  • washable taffeta lining
  • optimized thumb guide
  • PPS foam pad
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Boxing gloves “Mixfight Gorilla XLP” and the secret of the silverbacks.

Why a roaring gorilla is decorating the XLP boxing gloves? Because the otherwise rather shy giants want to protect their family, enemies for the time being by barking, roaring and stare pass before it comes to an attack. If one asks martial artists about their motivation for the sport, it is not uncommon to hear that self-defense is a great motivation. Soon you will be able to compete with the “Mixfight Gorilla XLP” gloves in boxing, Thai boxing or kickboxing with completely new energy. After all, it’s the mental strength that makes you a winner.

XLP provides more security.

Top Ten has been committed to the safety of martial arts athletes from the beginning and is constantly working on new features to make your sport even safer. Nevertheless, your powers are not too short – quite the contrary. The extra-long padding ensures high energy absorption and optimum impact resistance. In addition, the preformed foam keeps your hands in perfect control.

Iron Mike Tyson and the gorilla in the zoo.

At the age of 20 boxing legend, Iron Mike Tyson was the youngest heavyweight world champion so far. From this time comes the anecdote of the boxing champion, who actually asked the keeper during a visit to the zoo to let him fight with a silverback. The young athlete did not want to profile himself; according to his information, it was probably the “macho posturing” of the great ape on his nerves, and he just wanted to put him in the barriers. There has never been a fight between Tyson and the gorilla.

Become a leader in the ring yourself and get the “Mixfight Gorilla XLP” boxing gloves from Top Ten.

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