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Boxing Gloves “Mixfight Gorilla” WCS


WCS stands for “Wrist Control System” and is one of the tools why TOP TEN has been at the forefront of martial arts equipment for decades. You should also pay particular attention to the padding, a handmade, multilayered foam layer. Are you looking for boxing gloves with a lot of hardness, but still high wearing comfort, the “Mixfight Gorilla WCS” your first choice. The gloves are modeled on the natural shape of the hand and get through the special cut and seam guide their perfect fit. The cover made of genuine leather on the upper hand + striking surface and the full synthetic leather insert on the palm make the “Mixfight Gorilla” WCS appear fantastic. The thumb is hidden behind the hitting hand and is fixed with a band. The boxing gloves are also held securely in dynamic striking movements with a hook and loop closure that is approximately 5 cm wide and rounded.

Additional advantages:

  • WCS cuff in the wrist area
  • robust material mix
  • lining with cool-down effect
  • multilayered foam
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Boxing gloves with extra plus safety – “Mixfight Gorilla” WCS by TOP TEN.

What once started in a garage in Berlin has long since become an established player in the martial arts sector. TOP TEN already accompanied boxing greats like Henry Maske or Sven Ottke and is to this day the outfitter of numerous top athletes from various martial arts disciplines. With “WCS” the attention of our development team was particularly in the stability of the wrists, which are particularly stressed in punches and blocks. The preformed cuff absorbs energy without restricting movement. The “Mixfight Gorilla” WCS are perfect in design and functionality.

A little shine never hurts.

And as the saying goes, “If you do not shine from the inside, you cannot sparkle from the outside.” That’s why the lining of the “Mixfight Gorilla” WCS is made of a glossy satin. The material offers next to the noble appearance but still another decisive advantage. The fabric structure has a cooling effect and can dissipate sweat to the outside.

Your success triple.

In order to train successfully in all areas, we carry the “Mixfight Gorilla” WCS in different weight ranges from 10 oz. No matter what you have put your sporting focus, with these boxing gloves you are in boxing and kickboxing just right.

Express your strengths and get the boxing gloves “Mixfight Gorilla” WCS in our online shop.

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