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Boxing gloves “Mad”


Every hit is a hit. With the “Mad” boxing gloves from the IFMA Competition Series, you’re in the right place in Muay Thai competitions. The high-quality genuine leather boxing gloves have first-class padding, transitioning from the outside to the inside. The palm is also sufficiently padded, which meets the unique requirements of Thai boxing. The thumb is fixed twice, and the edges of the hand are reinforced. A boxing glove cannot bring more security. In addition to all the safety features, the wearing comfort of the competition gloves also plays a significant role. For this, TOP TEN relies on a sweat-wicking inner lining, which, together with the breathability of the cover, ensures a perfect climate inside the gloves. The “Mad” Muay Thai Competition boxing gloves are closed quickly and securely with the hook and loop fastener.

Additional advantages:

  • genuine leather cover
  • competition colors red or blue
  • IFMA approved label
  • padded palm
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On the trail of big goals with the “Mad” Thai boxing gloves.

IFMA has big plans, and I’m sure you do too. With the recognition of the Olympic Committee, the way to the Olympics is open to Thai boxing. The genuine leather boxing gloves “Mad” meet the requirements of the world association IFMA with flying colors and are therefore approved for events of the association. The IFMA seal is visible on the surface of the gloves. The safety of the athletes in the ring is guaranteed with IFMA-labelled equipment because the seal is only given to those who have been extensively tested.

Ten ounces are also the measure of all things in Thai boxing.

Those wishing to compete in Muay Thai at the competitive level in the ring must contend with approved equipment. For fights of the International Federation of Amateur Muay Thai, in addition to the colors red and blue, the weight of your boxing gloves is also decisive. In general, 10 ounces is considered the competition weight. With the “Mad” boxing gloves from TOP TEN, the ounce weight is visible on the natural leather cover, just like the IFMA-approved label.

As if made from one piece – the Thai boxing gloves “Mad.”

They look like they’re cast in one piece, and they are. The dimensionally stable, one-piece padding on the outside of the hand is covered with a genuine leather cover. The small number of seams is striking, representing a high quality and safety feature. With their simple TOP TEN design, the “Mad” are timeless companions on your way to becoming a sporting elite.

Make your hands a success factor in the Muay Thai – Competition boxing gloves “Mad” from our online shop.

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