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Boxing Gloves “KIDS 2016”


Guys and gals take care, here comes your sports equipment. If you want to hit the box and kickboxing properly, you need not only the right technology but also the necessary equipment. TOP TEN has stood for decades for innovative safety equipment at the highest, internationally recognized level. With the boxing gloves “KIDS 2016”, the know-how of the grown-ups now also comes to children’s hands. The shape was adapted to the anatomical features of the young athletes. The cut is narrower and also the weight range of 8 ouncespromises unique sports fun with maximum security. The soft padding also forgives slips and effectively blocks unbridled energy. The outer cover made of imitation leather promises easy cleaningand the attractive print motif on the upper hand is extremely resistant to abrasion.

Additional advantages:

  • resistant artificial leather gloves
  • 3 different color variants
  • child-friendly hook and loop closure
  • perforated palm
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Everybody starts small, even boxing gloves like the “KIDS 2016”.

He is the little brother of our big stars, like the “Superfight” or “Fight” boxing gloves from TOP TEN. At the same time, the little “KIDS 2016” benefits from the same innovations. An immensely strong foam pad protects the skin and ankle from injury. The durable outer cover made of imitation leather is washable and ensures with the perforated palm for a hygienic child’s glove. The band-guided thumb can be used to prevent stabbing injuries to the partner or painful bending of the thumb.

The joy of movement = the joy of life.

Children naturally have an unrestrained sense of movement, which does not always make everyday life simple with rules and time pressure. With sport, the kids have the opportunity to sharpen their body awareness, reduce energy and keep fit with friends. Boxing and kickboxing are equally suitable for boys and girls alike. With the right protective equipment, parents can also reassure their children to “martial arts” and will soon be surprised by the discipline of the young athletes. The TOP TEN brand products are subject to strict guidelines and are developed by professionals.

Combine boundless boxing fun with the best safety innovations – get the boxing gloves “KIDS 2016” from TOP TEN.

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