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Boxing Gloves “Heritage Line”


Back to the roots, with the boxing gloves of the “Heritage Line” series by Top Ten. These boxing gloves are only visually similar to their predecessors from days long gone. Otherwise, there are technical innovations, hidden in a 100% shell of cowhide. Decisive for boxing gloves is padding. With a highly compressed IMF foamimpact forces are perfectly absorbed and bring the necessary safety into the sport of boxing. In addition, especially the injury-prone wrist area is supported by a preformed cuff with a sturdy hook and loop fastener. Thumb band and a padded gripline are also part of the “Heritage Line” as well as a lining made of two-colored striped polyester satin. This, with its properties, in conjunction with the finely perforated palm, ensures an optimal skin climate and is a guarantee for long-wearing comfort.

Additional advantages:

  • IMF foam pad
  • 100% cowhide
  • thumb strap
  • finely perforated palm
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Then as now a size in the sports boxing gloves of the “Heritage Line” of Top Ten.

Boxing champions like Henry Maske, Sven Ottke and the Klitschko brothers have put boxing in the right spotlight since the early 90s. Their pro bouts have broken viewer records in German TV at the best air time. They all have not only their sporting achievements in common but also an amateur career with equipment from Top Ten. The founder of Top Ten, Georg F. Brückner, had thus created the instruments for sporting success with his products, which at that time still arose on his own initiative, and accompanied from the beginning the greats of boxing.

Simply natural – leather.

While the IMF foam in the boxing gloves “Heritage Line” embodies new technologies and rapid and continuous development, the outer skin of 100% leather stands for timeless and natural properties. Even in the days when boxing gloves were still filled with horsehair, the leather shell impressed with robustness, durability, and breathability.

Vintage is back in.

What grandma once had, is today again modern and especially the fashion sector trumps with so-called vintage treasures. The models are far from all the attics of all grandparents. Rather, new materials are adapted to the looks of those days. With nostalgic charm, our top ten designers have designed the boxing gloves “Heritage Line”. This hidden details, such as the fine perforation of the palm for better “ventilation” of your hands are not too short. Also today nothing is laced, but a broad and strong hook and loop fastener ensures the correct fit of the boxing gloves.

You feel like a piece of boxing history? Then treat yourself to the Top Ten Boxing Gloves “Heritage Line”.

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