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Boxing gloves “Color`n`Color”


As simple as possible, as safe as necessary – that is the credo of the TOP TEN sparring gloves “Color`n`Color”. Cover, print, and seams are perfectly coordinated in the single-color models in red, blue and green and give the real leather gloves a timeless appearance. The embossed company print on the strong hook and loop fastener is the perfect finish in terms of design. As in real life, the inner values are also important for boxing gloves and these can be seen in the “Color`n`Color”. In all 4 ounce areas (10/12/14/16 oz), the gloves have dimensionally stable padding made of high-quality sandwich foam. With optimal impact resistance and maximum boxing power, they are a long-term purchase for everyday use in sparring.

Additional advantages:

  • leather gloves
  • perfect fit
  • multilayer Schaumpadding
  • compression fixation
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It is true that the inner values of the “Color`n`Color” boxing gloves count.

In addition to the cushioning system made of compressed sandwich foam, there are even more innovations inside the “Color`n`Color” sparring gloves. The polyester inner material reduces sweating to a minimum and quickly wicks moisture away. You have a firm grip on the gripline and, in addition to the curvature already specified, you can bring your hands into the perfect striking position. Classic safety features, such as the sewn-on thumb and a strong hook and loop fastener for stabilizing the wrist, should of course not be missing from the “Color`n`Color”.

Quality smells so natural.

Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy the luxury smell of new, genuine leather shoes? With the TOP TEN “Color`n`Color” sparring gloves we bring you that feeling now in the martial arts area. As the classics on the feet convince with absolute breathability, the boxing gloves also follow this point. Also, the smooth and thermoregulating polyester fabric ensures that heat and sweat are quickly removed. Say goodbye to bad smells and sweaty edges – with the TOP TEN “Color`n`Color” boxing gloves.

Only the design is reserved here.

Those who do not like a lot of fancies will be thrilled by the “Color`n`Color” sparring gloves. Every single model stays true to its color. From the print to the extremely strong seams, the basic color tone remains the dominant design element. Even with long training sessions, you are guaranteed a confident appearance in the real leather sparring gloves “Color`n`Color”.

What color is your favorite for the “Color`n`Color” sparring gloves from TOP TEN? Simply bring them all home safely and conveniently – with your order in our online shop.

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