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Boxing glove “Jumbo”


Get sporty and make yourself really comfortable. With the “Jumbo” boxing glove, TOP TEN brings sporty flair to every room. With a length of 60 cm, the robust artificial leather boxing glove can be seen from afar and leave no doubt that martial arts are lived where they are at home. To ensure that the “Jumbo” decorative boxing glove can be enjoyed for a long time, the material is robust and can be cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary. The dimensionally stable filling inside ensures that your “Jumbo” always finds its way back to its original position. The lacing makes the boxing glove stylish and helps with the correct positioning of your room decoration.

Other advantages:

  • color selection
  • length about 60 cm
  • durable faux leather case
  • lacing can be used as a suspension
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Big, bigger, jumbo – quick-witted room decoration with a sporty character.

Do you like it sporty, and have you found your home in martial arts? Then the “Jumbo” boxing glove is exactly what you need to equip your favorite place stylishly. The decorative boxing glove is not squeamish, thanks to its hard-wearing synthetic leather cover. The “Jumbo” can be placed decoratively or hung up using the lacing. Dirt can be easily removed with a dry cloth, and should it ever be necessary, the color, print, and material also survive disinfection.

There is quality down to the last detail where it says TOP TEN.

Whatever you do with the ‘Jumbo’ boxing glove, you’ll love it. As a quick-witted gift for a good sports friend, as a present for loyal customers, or as a prize for winning at tournaments – the “Jumbo” is always welcome and causes a stir with its size. Shape and design are inferior to the functional TOP TEN boxing glove.

Colors make life more colorful.

Available in different colors, the “Jumbo” is an all-around successful piece of martial arts. Boxing glove are symbolic of numerous martial arts and are unmistakable. The typical TOP TEN design makes the boxing glove an eye-catcher wherever it appears. In contrast to the original boxing glove for practicing your sport, the “Jumbo” is purely a decorative element. Due to the lacing, the item is not suitable for children under the age of 3 and should always be used under supervision.

In one fell swoop to a new room concept – get the “Jumbo” boxing glove here from our online shop and give your sport a new home.

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