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Boxhandschuhe “GLORUS”


The Champions brand has a new ace up its sleeve. With the “GLORUS” professional boxing gloves, TOP TEN presents you with equipment that sets new standards. The robust real leather gloveshave an improved fit, thanks to the innovative IMF super soft mold process. This is an advanced injection molding process in which the liquid foam mixture is injected into a prefabricated mold and cures as a fixing foam. The “GLORUS” professional gloves fit perfectly on the hand and automatically lead to the ideal striking position. The cover of the “GLORUS” boxing gloves is, of course, only genuine leather, which can cause a sensation in either gold/blue or gold/red. The TOP TEN “GLORUS” are designed to be stable for the discerning professional athlete. The boxing gloves can be individually adjusted to the athletes via a lacing.

Other advantages:

  • real leather gloves
  • precise lacing system
  • weight class 10 ounces
  • high-quality workmanship
  • elaborate color and print design
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Become a professional in one fell swoop – boxing gloves “GLORUS” from TOP TEN.

Live your dream of a professional athlete and rely on the support of TOP TEN. With the “GLORUS” boxing gloves, your opponent will feel the full power transmission, and yet the lace-up gloves do not take any risks in terms of safety. The padding made of IMF foam stands for excellent cushioning properties, despite the highest force impulses and is probably one of the most potent upholstery ever. The curved shape of the TOP TEN “GLORUS” adapts perfectly to any fist, and the gloves are rock-solid thanks to the lacing system.

Must not be missing in the professional area: security.

Safety first. Not only in popularity but also in competitive sports, TOP TEN takes no risk for you with its equipment. With the professional boxing gloves “GLORUS,”you can trust the well-known safety features, such as a fixed thumb, stabilized wrist area, robust seams, and adjustable lacing system. Thanks to our tried and tested know-how, the “GLORUS” are unbeatably good when it comes to fit.

“GLORUS” boxing gloves for glorious victories.

Get in the ring and get a victory point by point. With the “GLORUS” boxing gloves, you have hit the bull’s eye before you step onto the mat because TOP TEN has been in high demand in the martial arts sector for decades. In addition to high-quality equipment, you get everything your athlete’s heart desires. In addition to competition and training equipment, we carry a large selection of sports clothing and make you fit even away from the martial arts. The casual styles of the streetwear collections give your everyday life new impulses.

You land far more than just a direct hit with the “GLORUS” professional boxing gloves from our online shop.

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