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With the Beltmaster system, you will achieve maximum training success in a brief time. Due to the constant resistance, the muscle build-up with the full-body training belt takes place as a “side effect.” to your standard training program. Put on the belt system for exercises in shadow boxing or sandbag training and feel the success in every one of your movements. Thanks to the quick-release fasteners, the 4 elastic straps can easily click into the metal eyelets provided, and off you go. Arm and leg muscles actively work against the resistance technology of the Beltmaster system. The wide lap belt with a strong hook and loop fastener, which also allows individual width adjustment, ensures a secure hold of the Beltmaster. The full-body training belt is suitable for athletes from a height of 160 cm.

Other advantages:

  • increase in muscle growth
  • different settings possible
  • width adjustment with Velcro fasteners
  • simultaneous load on arms and legs

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Fight successfully against the resistance of the Beltmaster system.

The wide hip belt and narrow shoulder straps fit like a glove in just a few simple steps. Infinitely variable adjustment options allow you to individually adjust the Beltmaster in height and width. You attach the soft cuffs to your feet and then hang the click fasteners in one of the numerous eyelets on the hip belt. You should now feel the most significant resistance while standing and with your feet straight.

Arms and legs are stressed equally during full-body training.

There are two laterally attached elastic bands with hand loops on the training belt to build muscle in the upper body area. Thanks to the continuously adjustable Velcro fasteners, these can also be perfectly adapted to the athlete. In addition to the efficiency of the exercises, the wearing comfort of the full-body training belt is also ensured.

Guaranteed with noticeable results – training units with the Beltmaster system.

Just a jumping jack lets your muscles work with the Beltmaster system. With arms and legs stretched and bent simultaneously, pressure and relief work just in time, but on various parts of the body. The quick-change is equivalent to demanding interval training and quickly makes you fit for further sporting challenges.

Overcome all obstacles and get the Beltmaster system from our online shop for your effective training program.

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