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Belly shield “Dao”


With the “Dao” construction sign, TOP TEN shows its competence in what is probably the most challenging martial art in the world – Muay Thai. It would be best if you had a lot of body control to show your skills in this sport. The “Dao” belly shield is your first choice for safe training. Thanks to its superb shape, the protector protects the stomach, chest area, shoulders, and neck. With the wings pulled far back, “Dao” guarantees excellent protection even in the event of side hits. The protective padding fits perfectly on the wearer via the braces system with length adjustment. A clip closure makes it easy to put on and take off quickly. With its star print, “Dao” skillfully incorporates its name into the design and at the same time marks ideal hit points.

Additional advantages:

  • durable faux leather cover
  • high-performance padding
  • adjustable carrier system
  • timeless design
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A star that bears our name: IFMA belly shield “Dao.”

“Dao” means star and is the symbol for TOP TEN. So, it’s no wonder this sign should not be missing from the construction sign “Dao” from the TOP TEN IFMA series. The stars take on more than just the role of the perfect look. Their placement on the hard-wearing imitation leather cover has been deliberately chosen. They mark your attack surfaces for kicks, punches, and thrusts in Muay Thai on the front and sides as perfect target points.

Partner exercises without regrets with the best protective equipment on both sides.

While one hits, kicks or pushes, the other holds against it and is the moving target of his opponent. What sounds tough is no problem with the daily martial arts training program and the proper protective equipment on both sides. With its overall concept, the IFMA belly shield “Dao” is tailored to the requirements of Muay Thaiand is, therefore, tough. The padding on the inside has first-class absorption properties and takes the pressure off hits. Perfectly adapted in its shape, the “Dao” also protects the shoulder and neck area.

Thai boxing is not possible without comfort.

As a trainer, you often spend a long time in powerful protective equipment to offer your protégés all the opportunities for realistic martial arts training. TOP TEN rewards so much commitment with the IFMA belly shield “Dao.” The weight of the “Dao” protector is pleasantly distributed via the braces system. Thanks to the skin-friendly inner fabric, the shield does not chafe, and wicks sweat away from the body. Since the synthetic leather cover is washable, even the highest hygiene standards are met.

Undoubtedly, it meets the challenges of Thai boxing training – the belly shield “Dao” from our online shop.

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