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Belly Protector “Naa”


The word “Naa” comes from Thai and means something like a front. The IFMA abdominal belt “Naa” is used precisely there: on the front of your stomach. With its cover made of robust artificial leather, the outside has a smooth surface, while the soft inner materialprotects the contact surface on the skin from irritation. With its reinforced impact zone and the additional side pads, the hit areas are doubly safeguarded on the one hand and are immediately visible on the other. Due to the rounded shape, the IFMA Belly “Naa” belly protection adapts to the body’s natural shape. TOP TEN ensures a firm hold with this training equipment with a wide and robust hook and loop fastener, which is closed on the back. The “Naa” belly pad in Muaythai is a valuable training tool with excellent protective properties.

Additional advantages:

  • striking surface: imitation leather
  • double padding
  • skin-friendly inner lining
  • strong hook and loop fastener
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Listen to your gut feeling: safe training rounds with the “Naa” belly shield.

Kicks against the body are part of the training program in Muay Thai. The “Naa” belly pad from the TOP TEN IFMA collection accepts this challenge. Under the robust imitation leather cover is a core made of high-quality multi-layer foam. The main padding, which is more than 5 cm thick, runs over the entire front and extends far over the sides so that the “Naa” intercepts even sidekicks.

Full contact sport requires total concentration, also with the equipment.

No time for negligence; if you can’t focus in a full-contact sport like Thai boxing, you’ve mostly already lost. This also applies to your equipment. You should only use excellent training material for Muay Thai to avoid injuries. With the IFMA belly protector “Naa,” you don’t take any risks regarding safety.

Blunt abdominal trauma – it’s no joke.

Punches and kicks to the body are part of Thai boxing, and with suitable safety precautions, many techniques can also be mainly trained without danger. The “Naa” abdominal belt from TOP TEN is your protective shield against internal injuries. With its multi-layer padding and reinforced hitting areas, it helps to avoid abdominal injuries. Thanks to the extra wide and strong hook and loop fastener, the protector stays in place even when you are moving.

Regarding safety, don’t just listen to your gut feeling; trust real professionals. Get the TOP TEN IFMA belly shield “Naa” from our online shop.

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