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Belly Protector “Heavy Duty”


In a new edition, the belly shield “Heavy Duty” now appears even softer and more mobile, thanks to new foam composition. The over 6 cm thick main cushion is reinforced at the front and on the sides again with about 3 cm thick additional cushions. Thus, you do not mind lateral kicks and bumps, because the impact energy is immediately distributed over the entire surface. The outer skin is made of abrasion-resistant and durable synthetic leather. The inside is fabric-related and worked very soft for even better comfort. The abdominal shield is fixed by a harness and a wide back strap, which is soft underlaid on the sides. With this belly shield, you can go as a trainer without danger in the realistic self-defense training or practice competitive situations in full strength.

Additional advantages:

  • optimized protection for stomach & waist
  • customizable harness system
  • lightweight, thick foam pad
  • durable synthetic leather cover
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Abdominal shield “Heavy Duty” – belly armor of the extra class.

As a coach, you have to be able to endure a lot. Not all kicks and blows from your charges immediately sit where they belong. To improve your protection, we’ve redesigned the “Heavy Duty” belly shield – now it’s even softer and thicker. This blocks out misguided energy in front of your body and nothing stands in the way of the realistic kick training.

2 kilograms more security.

The belly shield can be easily covered by the suspenders system and the 2 kilograms net weight is optimally distributed with the additional back straps. The foam used can absorb impact energy perfectly and returns to its original shape without any time delay. This keeps you agile and allows you to start a counterattack at any time with dodge or attack moves. The smooth synthetic leather of the outer skin is available in two different color options, black/green or black/red.

Tortoiseshell “upside down”.

What we have not already learned from nature – bionics is the new magic word. Like the shell of a turtle, which protects it extremely effectively against predators, the TOP TEN abdomen shield consists of several layers. Thus, the energy of the attacker can be distributed even better and your body feels only a fraction of the hardness.

Let yourself be blown away by the unique functionality of the TOP TEN “Heavy Duty” abdomen shield and get it now in our online shop for an even better training offer.

Gewicht 1,72 kg