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Backpack “Giant”



Additional advantages:

different designs to choose from

generous space

Compression straps for weight distribution

Organization system through compartmentalization

adjustable carrier system


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Because you simply want more, the TOP TEN “Giant” backpack is your first choice for on the go. With a length of 56 cm and a width of 40 cm, the spacious top loader has enough storage space for all your belongings. Many details make the sporty rucksack a practical organizer, and little things, such as headphone access or a padded back, increase the comfort of the “Giant.” The highlight is in the backpack’s stable bottom because here, you can unfold an approx. 30 cm long extension using a circumferential zipper. The back of this front loader bag is equipped with a robust net so that shoes and wet clothes can ventilate here undisturbed.

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