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Mouth guard “CDV -System” – transparent


Here’s something suitable between the teeth. With the “CDV-System” of TOP TEN, you get a sports mouth guard including a hygienic box. Using the boil & bite method, the protector can be individually adapted to your teeth and thus fulfills a high protection performance. The central area – where the incisors sit – is extra high worked. This shield helps to prevent the teeth from breaking or knocking out. The outstanding damping properties of the tasteless plastic rail “CDV-System” redirect shock forces and distribute them over the entire contact surface. Pulse transmission to the brain is stopped and the risk of lengthy injuries, such as concussion, is significantly reduced.

Additional advantages:

  • 3 air openings
  • tasteless
  • customize
  • high damping properties



Breathe deeply – with the “CDV-System” of TOP TEN.

Many athletes interfere with the mouth guard’s limited air circulation. TOP TEN has solved this problem perfectly with the 3 air slots. Free-breathing with closed teeth is thus guaranteed. Nevertheless, the “CDV system” is extremely robust and inhibits the transmission of intense impact energy. In 3 different designs, transparent, red and black you can show your teeth with the sports protection.

100% non-slip due to individual adjustment.

Your mouth guard is as unique as you are. So that it can develop its full protective effect, you should follow exactly the instructions enclosed. Make sure you keep your heated mouth guard cool for a short while before putting it on your teeth – otherwise you can hurt yourself painfully. By gently pressing your fingers over the entire surface, the thermoplastic material absorbs all the subtleties of your jaw and tooth structure. He sits perfectly when he pushes nowhere and yet so tight that he just does not fall out by the mere opening of the mouth.

Our hygiene products.

Health protection and hygiene are of particular importance to us at Budoland. We pay close attention to the best conditions for production, storage and packaging to be able to supply you with a perfect product. Please understand that our hygiene products, such as teeth and mouth protection, are excluded from return and exchange.

Perfectly protected tooth to tooth with the “CDV-System” of TOP TEN. Order it right here in the Budoland online shop.



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