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  • Boxing Gloves “GLORUS”

    The Champions brand has a new ace up its sleeve. With the “GLORUS” professional boxing gloves, TOP TEN presents you with equipment that sets new standards. The robust real leather gloveshave an improved fit, thanks to the innovative IMF super soft mold process. This is an advanced injection molding process in which the liquid foam mixture is injected into a prefabricated mold and cures as a fixing foam. The “GLORUS” professional gloves fit perfectly on the hand and automatically lead to the ideal striking position. The cover of the “GLORUS” boxing gloves is, of course, only genuine leather, which can cause a sensation in either gold/blue or gold/red. The TOP TEN “GLORUS” are designed to be stable for the discerning professional athlete. The boxing gloves can be individually adjusted to the athletes via a lacing.

    Other advantages:

    • real leather gloves
    • precise lacing system
    • weight class 10 ounces
    • high-quality workmanship
    • elaborate color and print design
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  • Boxing gloves “Pro X”


    Get started and conquer this world’s boxing rings with the ultimate TOP TEN boxing gloves “Pro.” With a super soft real leather coverand a high-performance EVA padding, the “Pro X” is made for the highest demands. The competition boxing gloves can be attached to your hands in a non-slip manner using the lacing system and ensure maximum safety in a trendy design. For uncompromising protection,from the fingertips to the wrist, the “Pro X” is equipped with numerous features. These include the sewn-on thumb and the widened clubface in the area. A stable grip line and a mesh insert on the palm also ensure excellent wearing comfort.

    Additional advantages:

    • competition boxing gloves
    • real leather
    • shock-absorbing EVA padding
    • extra stable seams
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  • Kicks TOP TEN “Fight”


    Your feet are in good hands with us. With the TOP TEN foot protection “Fight” we guarantee immensely strong impact protection, as it is needed in martial arts for kickboxing or Taekwon-Do. The “Fight” is a particularly stable and lightweight foot protector. It owes its high energy intake to the used PPS foam, which is enclosed in a sturdy synthetic leather cover. The lower edges are lined with an additional functional leather strap, thus ensuring a long service life. The foot protector is held securely on the foot by means of a flexible hook and loop system and toe loops. The TOP TEN print is abrasion resistant and applied centrally as a contrast to the 4 different basic colors (white/red/blue/black).

    Additional advantages:

    • PPS foam padding
    • durable synthetic leather cover
    • Toe loops and flexible Velcro
    • abrasion-resistant TOP TEN printing
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  • Martial Arts Shoes “ITF” blue/white


    The new ITF budo shoes made of artificial leather with durable rubber sole.

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  • Punching bag, Heavy Bag „Drill“ for home workout


    A good reason to stay at home – TOP TEN punching bag “Drill.”

    Give up training in times of social isolation? Not with us, we bring martial arts straight to your home with the “Drill” punching bag. With its compact weight and a length of 100 cm, it sets off on a journey as a package. Our flyweight under the punching bags can compete for 100% with the “big ones” and will surprise you with its functionality. Unpack, hang up, and get started – on the TOP TEN “Drill.”

    Always stay at a distance.

    Insane. While everyone is talking about the new feeling of distance, you train exactly this aspect at home with the “Drill,” only sportier. As a freely mobile training device, the punching bag reacts to your impulses from a punch and kick combinations and thus prompts you to always keep your distance. Footwork, concentration, and precision are required to avoid the stable pendulum movement of the “Drill” with evasive actions.

    “Drill” – your power workout for at home.

    You can really let off steam and watch the extra pounds tumble while doing the power workout on the “Drill” punching bag. Thanks to its excellent TOP TEN quality, it copes with fast, hard combinations of punches and kicks – but also cuts a beautiful figure as a fitness device. For your own safety, please make sure to protect your hands accordingly. Bandages and sandbag gloves are the ideal partners for “Drill.”

    Order your package of concentrated power now and get the TOP TEN punching bag “Drill” right here in the Budoland online shop.

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  • T-Shirt “Athlete” – black-gold


    At first glance, it becomes clear that the black TOP TEN “Athlete” short sleeve shirt is the must-have for every sporty wardrobe. The classic cut and the soft, especially skin-friendly material with high cotton content, ensure unique wearing comfort. Extremely movement-friendly, the “Athlete” is suitable for use in sports or accompanies you in everyday life. The narrow cuffs on the round neck are elastic and tight. The hem edges are extra reinforced for all your adventures, giving “Athlete” its longevity. As a special highlight, TOP TEN has gilded the casual logo print and applied it to the chest. Likewise, you’ll find a golden “Athlete” print on the left shoulder.

    Other advantages:

    • classic T-cut
    • golden print
    • high cotton content
    • easy care
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  • Working station TOP TEN incl. Speedballset (without boxing bags)


    Get your free-standing multifunctional center from TOP TEN now. The sports station consists of a stable square steel raw constructionand can be anchored to the floor if required. With a total of 3 suspensions, the boxer can easily accommodate 3 punching bags or 2 punching bags and 1 double-ended ball. Thanks to the free-standing structure, several athletes can train at the fitness station at the same time. Demanding circle training brings more variety to your daily training routine. The TOP TEN multifunctional center is also ideal for training at home in your own home gym, as a compact space offers the maximum of training options. While the hangers for punching bags and double-end ball are firmly fixed, the height of the punching ball and platform included in the set can be adjusted individually.

    Further advantages:

    • stable tubular steel construction
    • Floor anchoring possible
    • simple construction
    • including height-adjustable boxing pear
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  • ZIP Hoodie “ITF Peaks”


    A casual companion for sports and leisure: Casual zip-hoodie “ITF Peaks” by Top TEN in striking strong duo look black & white. The jacket is inspired by 100% soft polyester knit and its insulating properties. The continuous zipper is smooth and runs out to the hood. The wide hood can be individually adjusted with a drawstring. The side pockets offer enough space for the essentials. The general straight cut of the Zip Hoodie “ITF Peaks” and the elastic cuffs on the sleeves, as in the hem, always ensure a perfect fit. In the design TOP TEN sets strong contrastsand unusual patterns. The white jacket is contrasted in the upper third and over the sleeves in black and is sports-spiced up by label-typical prints of the International Taekwondo Federation and the sports brand TOP TEN.

    Further advantages:

    • 100% polyester knit
    • Hood with drawstring
    • kangaroo pocket
    • straight cut
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