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  • Boxing Gloves “GLORUS”


    The Champions brand has a new ace up its sleeve. With the “GLORUS” professional boxing gloves, TOP TEN presents you with equipment that sets new standards. The robust real leather gloveshave an improved fit, thanks to the innovative IMF super soft mold process. This is an advanced injection molding process in which the liquid foam mixture is injected into a prefabricated mold and cures as a fixing foam. The “GLORUS” professional gloves fit perfectly on the hand and automatically lead to the ideal striking position. The cover of the “GLORUS” boxing gloves is, of course, only genuine leather, which can cause a sensation in either gold/blue or gold/red. The TOP TEN “GLORUS” are designed to be stable for the discerning professional athlete. The boxing gloves can be individually adjusted to the athletes via a lacing.

    Other advantages:

    • real leather gloves
    • precise lacing system
    • weight class 10 ounces
    • high-quality workmanship
    • elaborate color and print design
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  • Boxing gloves “Pro X”


    Get started and conquer this world’s boxing rings with the ultimate TOP TEN boxing gloves “Pro.” With a super soft real leather coverand a high-performance EVA padding, the “Pro X” is made for the highest demands. The competition boxing gloves can be attached to your hands in a non-slip manner using the lacing system and ensure maximum safety in a trendy design. For uncompromising protection,from the fingertips to the wrist, the “Pro X” is equipped with numerous features. These include the sewn-on thumb and the widened clubface in the area. A stable grip line and a mesh insert on the palm also ensure excellent wearing comfort.

    Additional advantages:

    • competition boxing gloves
    • real leather
    • shock-absorbing EVA padding
    • extra stable seams
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