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Taekwon-Do Training Equipment

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  • Battle rope, 15 m,


    Strength, stamina and explosivity, all hidden in our new product Fighter Battle Rope!

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  • Focus Mitt “Vintage” – brown-white


    Speed and power are the strengths of TOP TEN Focus mitt “Vintage”. The noble claws made of brown/white genuine leather make not only visually, by the conspicuous embossed TOP logo on the striking surface of what, but also convince with professional functionality. They can be dynamically guided with just 220 g / piece via the anatomical hand bridges. Built-in ventilation channels ensure balanced ventilation and make the “Vintage” particularly durable. The TOP TEN hand pads owe their optimum fit to the slight curvature, which is adapted to the typical hand curve. This is the special MX padding on the entire palm and the “Vintage” can develop their full security.

    Other advantages:

    • genuine leather claws
    • special MX foam core
    • Handrail with ventilation
    • embossed TOP TEN emblem
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  • Focus Mitts “Munch”


    Training with focus mitts is a valuable addition to any training plan. With the Top Ten focus mitt “Munch”, you get a thoughtful product with many benefits. But the shape of the claw promises the full exercise pleasure on both sides. As a wearer, you will be enthusiastic about the integrated, safe hand guidance. Your entire hand is protected from the joint to the fingertips. To prevent moisture and heat build-up, there are ventilation slots in the back of the hand and an extra padded mesh area at the fingertips. To avoid involuntary yielding during punches, Top Ten has incorporated an extra palm pad. The anatomical curvature of your hand is filled up with high-quality EVA foam and you can face your partner with pressure. The clean processing of the pet-friendly artificial leather claw and the eye-catching color scheme make the Top Ten focus mitt “Munch” the indispensable training equipment. With a size of 27x25x4 cm, it is handy and versatile.

    Additional advantages:

    • 4 cm sealed EVA foam padding
    • integrated finger guidance
    • faux leather cover in black or neon colors (green or orange)
    • slight curvature of the clubface
    • additional padding for the palm and wrist
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  • Focus mitts TOP TEN black/red, (1 pair)


    Focus mitts are an indispensable basis for the optimal development of your strokes in martial arts training. The functional “Focus mitt” by TOP TEN from a mix of leatherette and leather is not only particularly robust but also extremely comfortable. This is ensured by the slight curvature, as well as the anatomical hand bridges. The “Focus mitt” can be quickly lead with their 240 g (170 g each) and makes the joint training varied and demanding. For your protection, high-quality padding was used, which distributes the pressure evenly over the entire surface of the hand mitt. The brand-typical TOP TEN print is abrasion-resistant on the striking surface and gives the red/black impact cushion “Focus mitt” its sporty look.

    Other advantages:

    • anatomical hand bridges
    • high grip comfort
    • blended fabric made of leather and synthetic leather
    • impact-absorbing foam core
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  • Jump rope TOP TEN


    TOP TEN helps you jump on the jump – with the jump rope “My Jump,” a complete warm-up becomes a full training session. This inconspicuous training tool will now teach you more and more because its lightweight will surely stow it in every little bag. Even outdoor enthusiasts will get their money’s worth with “My Jump”, because the plastic-coated steel cable with robust and more extensive positions features properties. The actual bearing creates a smooth rotating effect in order to hear high numbers of hits. “My jump” becomes lightweight thanks to the nylon handles, which are crack-resistant even when sweaty decisions are made. For individual sports and leisure fun, the rope length of 275 cm can be shortened to fit the athletes. With the last 4 possible color models, the TOP TEN skipping rope “My jump” for wind and wind in everyday training.

    Additional reasons:

    • light nylon handles
    • secure bearing against twisting
    • enables high impact rate
    • 4 colors to choose from
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  • Power Wall “one 4 all”


    The wall must go – with the brand new Power Wall “one 4 all” from the Hayashi think thank you are now making history. With the 62 cm x 62 cm system building boards’ help, you can transform a simple wall into a functional training center. The Power Wall “one 4 all” uses free-standing wall surfaces and allows you to achieve maximum benefit with a small footprint. With 4 wall panels, you receive 2 Power Wall “Mini Targets,” 2 Power Wall “Small Targets,” 1 Power Wall “Dummy” and one Power Wall “Arm Target” in M and L. The wall panels are made of solid wood and are coated on the front with hard hook and loop coating. You can freely position the numerous punch pads on your Power Wall “one 4 all” in terms of height and position. For karate, taekwondo, point fighting, etc., the flexible Velcro system is the ideal solution to train numerous kicks and punches. But even the smallest get big on the Power Wall “one 4 all”, because the padding means that the risk of injury is low, and the fun factor is even higher.

    Additional advantages:

    • modular wall system
    • easy assembly
    • durable hook and loop coating
    • infinite locking of the punch pads/cushions
    approx. 124,00 cm x 124,00 cm x 5,00 cm
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  • Target “Coach Paddle”


    In the crosshairs of your strength is the “Coach paddle” target from Top TEN. The dimensionally stable punch pad is made of soft EVA foam and has a durable cover made of tear-resistant PU synthetic leather. With the white crosshairs on the black background, the “Coach paddle” is visually unbeatable. However, its strength lies in the enormous impulse absorption, which has a positive effect on the wrists, especially during longer training sessions. With a total length of 42 cm, the target offers a pure target area of approximately 20 cm x 25 cm and is therefore intended for demanding training. The lightweight “Coach paddle” sits correctly secured in hand via a strap.

    Other advantages:

    • tear-resistant synthetic leather cover
    • impact-absorbing EVA core
    • safety loop
    • abrasion resistant pressure
    approx. 45,00 cm x 22,00 cm x 4,50 cm
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