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  • Taekwon-Do Dobok “ITF KIDS”


    In the Taekwon-Do suit “ITF Kids” by Top Ten even small Taekwondoin from the age of 4 can show what they can do. Top Ten has deliberately set a high cotton content of 65% in the Kids series in order to be able to present a particularly skin-friendly suit. The synthetic fiber content increases the functionality and provides the necessary freedom of movement in the classic white Dobok. Especially kid-friendly makes the kids the loose fit, which makes a simple slip into it possible. A wide, soft and elastic waistband ensures that nothing slips, no matter how wild it gets. On the back of the jacket is a large Taekwon Do Comic print. The pants were made child-friendly by means of a colored Taekwon-Do lettering. Of course, the ITF Kids has been tested by the International Taekwon-Do Federation and has been awarded the corresponding label. The Dobok comes with a white hook and loop belt.

    Additional advantages:

    • official suit of the ITF KIDS series
    • skin-friendly due to high cotton content
    • comfortable cut
    • great print motifs
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  • Toothguard “Peppermint”


    Every now and then it is easy to clench your teeth and through. Not so in martial arts, because safety comes first. With the “Peppermint” mouth guard you get certified TOP TEN quality and can rely on years of experience in martial arts. The mouth guard is made of preformed thermoplastic material and has a pleasantly fresh peppermint flavor. As a Junior and Senior Edition, he can still be adapted. The transport box is used for hygienic storage and the enclosed instructionsmake the handling of the “Peppermint” protection easy. With 6 different colors“Peppermint” meets every taste and effectively prevents the teeth from clashing together.

    Additional advantages:

    • 2 basic sizes Junior / Senior
    • Large color selection
    • fresh peppermint flavor
    • easy application
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  • Toothguard “PROTEXSMILE” clear


    Get your stable and custom-fit mouth guard “PROTEXSMILE” from TOP TEN. The anatomical plastic splint can be thermally adjusted (see instructions) and firmly encloses the row of teeth and the gums. The biocompatible material is particularly well tolerated and the air vents allow good breathing despite closed teeth. Chimneys or frontal face hits are absorbed by the bite guard “PROTEXSMILE”. Thus, the impact energy does not reach the brain via the jaw and the oral cavity – your shield against concussion and Co. Whether in training or in competition, a mouth guard should always be part of your safety equipment, as many an unprotected hit otherwise quickly leads to irreparable Damage to toes or jaws.

    Additional advantages:

    • anatomically
    • biocompatible material
    • different color models
    • louvers
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  • Toothguard Case


    Always ready to hand and hygienically flawless, you have your mouth guard with this matching tooth protection box at hand. The practical Klickbox has a ventilation system and can be easily cleaned if necessary. As an inconspicuous box, she will soon have convinced you with her functional qualities. All dental protectors of our range of products, whether junior or senior size, will find their place safely. The unbreakable plastic is dimensionally stable and also keeps a rough transport in the training bag loose. Through the holes not only fresh air in the protective tin, which prevents bad odors, also residual moisture can escape unhindered and thus promotes the longevity of your mouth guard.

    Other advantages:

    • shatterproof
    • well ventilated
    • for all common gum sizes
    • simple click system
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  • Toothguard TOP TEN “Combat TPR”


    Just clench your teeth and go through – but not without the proper mouth guard. With the “Combat TPR” you get a high-quality mouth guard in cool designs. Particularly striking in the ring are our vampire teeth, which are applied saliva-resistant on the stable outer shell. The raised walls of the outer shell give you a high protection function for the jaw, especially for side or frontal hits. With the soft inside, the gum shield adjusts to fit your toes and also protects the gums from injury. To prevent concussion, the principle of 2-layer material is an excellent way to keep the impact energy away from the brain.

    Additional advantages

    • tight, soft seat
    • raised outer walls
    • Front slot for air circulation
    • customizable
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  • Training Tights “black print”, Leggings


    With the “black print” leggings by TOP TEN, you will not only look extra sporty, but their compression properties also increase your performance by the way. The close-knit fabric made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane is close to your skin. This leads to better blood circulation and keeps your muscles at working temperature. The flat and sturdy seams promise you even under heavy load pants that make all your movements. TOP TEN has once again set a highlight in terms of coolness with the understated “black print” design. The TOP TEN Stars run from the legends to over the knees and are perfectly staged with the TOP TEN Company Print on the right thigh. A wide and relatively high elastic waistband keeps the men’s tight at all times non-slip on the spot.

    Additional advantages:

    • functional material mix
    • unique design
    • compression support
    • easy care
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  • Working station TOP TEN incl. Speedballset (without boxing bags)


    Get your free-standing multifunctional center from TOP TEN now. The sports station consists of a stable square steel raw constructionand can be anchored to the floor if required. With a total of 3 suspensions, the boxer can easily accommodate 3 punching bags or 2 punching bags and 1 double-ended ball. Thanks to the free-standing structure, several athletes can train at the fitness station at the same time. Demanding circle training brings more variety to your daily training routine. The TOP TEN multifunctional center is also ideal for training at home in your own home gym, as a compact space offers the maximum of training options. While the hangers for punching bags and double-end ball are firmly fixed, the height of the punching ball and platform included in the set can be adjusted individually.

    Further advantages:

    • stable tubular steel construction
    • Floor anchoring possible
    • simple construction
    • including height-adjustable boxing pear
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  • ZIP Hoodie “ITF Peaks”


    A casual companion for sports and leisure: Casual zip-hoodie “ITF Peaks” by Top TEN in striking strong duo look black & white. The jacket is inspired by 100% soft polyester knit and its insulating properties. The continuous zipper is smooth and runs out to the hood. The wide hood can be individually adjusted with a drawstring. The side pockets offer enough space for the essentials. The general straight cut of the Zip Hoodie “ITF Peaks” and the elastic cuffs on the sleeves, as in the hem, always ensure a perfect fit. In the design TOP TEN sets strong contrastsand unusual patterns. The white jacket is contrasted in the upper third and over the sleeves in black and is sports-spiced up by label-typical prints of the International Taekwondo Federation and the sports brand TOP TEN.

    Further advantages:

    • 100% polyester knit
    • Hood with drawstring
    • kangaroo pocket
    • straight cut
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