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Shin and Instep Guards

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  • Shin Guard “Kids” for Kids


    Kickboxing Kids get their money’s worth with their shin guards “Kids”. The preformed inner part made of compressed foam is set in a high-quality cover made of black vinyl. The young athletes will then find the appealing, colored TOP TEN Kidz print on the wear-resistant surface. Two hook-and-loop fasteners make the “Kids” shin guard child-friendly. The elastic straps of the hook and loop system allow an individual adaptation to your child and make the protector a long and enduring companion in kickboxing training. The consciously robust selected material can be easily cleaned if necessary. The rounded edges increase the wearing comfort of the “Kids” and support the independent putting on of the protective equipment.

    Other advantages:

    • preformed inner part
    • resistant cover
    • Kidz Art
    • simple hook and loop system
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  • Shinguard TOP TEN WAKO style


    To reconcile robustness and shock-absorbing effects was the goal in the production of the new shin guard according to the latest competition rules of the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations. The tibia is one of the most sensitive parts of the body because it sits directly under the skin and is not surrounded by protective muscles. Especially in kickboxing, where kicks belong to the repertoire by default, a well-fitting shin guard is essential and is part of the equipment. Due to the slight shaping of the protectors, Top Ten achieves a good circulation in order to spread the impact energy across the surface. The wide and strong hook and loop fastener straps and the stocking on the fibula, provide the necessary support and prevent inflammation and abrasion, which can cause inferior products, from the beginning.

    Additional advantages:

    • easy
    • high damping property
    • easy to create
    • durable
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