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  • Boxing Gloves “GLORUS”

    The Champions brand has a new ace up its sleeve. With the “GLORUS” professional boxing gloves, TOP TEN presents you with equipment that sets new standards. The robust real leather gloveshave an improved fit, thanks to the innovative IMF super soft mold process. This is an advanced injection molding process in which the liquid foam mixture is injected into a prefabricated mold and cures as a fixing foam. The “GLORUS” professional gloves fit perfectly on the hand and automatically lead to the ideal striking position. The cover of the “GLORUS” boxing gloves is, of course, only genuine leather, which can cause a sensation in either gold/blue or gold/red. The TOP TEN “GLORUS” are designed to be stable for the discerning professional athlete. The boxing gloves can be individually adjusted to the athletes via a lacing.

    Other advantages:

    • real leather gloves
    • precise lacing system
    • weight class 10 ounces
    • high-quality workmanship
    • elaborate color and print design
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  • Boxing gloves “Pro X”


    Get started and conquer this world’s boxing rings with the ultimate TOP TEN boxing gloves “Pro.” With a super soft real leather coverand a high-performance EVA padding, the “Pro X” is made for the highest demands. The competition boxing gloves can be attached to your hands in a non-slip manner using the lacing system and ensure maximum safety in a trendy design. For uncompromising protection,from the fingertips to the wrist, the “Pro X” is equipped with numerous features. These include the sewn-on thumb and the widened clubface in the area. A stable grip line and a mesh insert on the palm also ensure excellent wearing comfort.

    Additional advantages:

    • competition boxing gloves
    • real leather
    • shock-absorbing EVA padding
    • extra stable seams
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  • Boxing gloves TOP TEN Fight


    Ring-free, for the new edition of the “Fight” boxing gloves from Top Ten. In terms of technical details, the glove complies with the proven AIBA certified glove #2010, but is specially developed for kickboxing. An exciting material mix of 1.2 mm thick cowhide on the upper surface of the striking surface and the functional nubuk leather of the palm, bring out the advantages of both components. Genuine leather is softer overall than its industrial counterpart and thus an important safety tool for boxing gloves. With high resistance and dimensional stability contributes artificial leather content to a long holding. Their high impact attenuation is due to the “Fight” PPS foam, which is sewn into the case by hand as a cast and already preformed part. Your hand is thus guided solely by the glove in the optimal anatomical stroke.

    Additional advantages:

    • new, sporty design
    • stable, extended thumb strap
    • tight-fitting hook and loop closure
    • Integrated grip line in the finger area
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  • Boxing gloves TOP TEN Ultimate Women Fight


    For more women quota is not only politics and business, but the sport of boxing is also relying more and more on women’s power. Top Ten has launched the boxing gloves “Woman”, a women’s glove suitable for competition, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of fit and design. Their sensational damping propertiesare given to the “Woman” by a fixation foam made of PPS. This material is ergonomically preformed during manufacture and incorporated as a single piece into the robust and high-quality nubuk artificial leather cover. The handset seams are particularly strong and do not burst even under intense load. All 3 design variants, black/gold, white/pink or white/gold are available as a 10 oz glove and can be provided with a WAKO label on request.

    Additional advantages:

    • attenuation by PPS
    • extra narrow cut
    • strong hook and loop closure
    • unique ventilation system
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  • Open Hands TOP TEN „KIDS“


    TOP TEN open hand gloves especially designed for children. Sizes fit boys and girls aged 5 and over. Ideal for Pointfightung and also Taekwon-Do. With regular foam rubber padding. Material: artificial leather

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  • Pointfighter “Flowers” for women


    These gloves are developed for point-fighting. A very light glove with pre-shaped padding.

    Made of durable artificial rexion.

    Official W.A.K.O. competition glove.

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  • Pointfighter TOP TEN “Glossy Block STAR”


    The ultra-light Pointfighter gloves “Glossy Block Star” by TOP TEN allow you to run into top form. The shiny synthetic leather, together with the well-known TOP TEN star, gives the black or red gloves a glamorous design. Uncompromising protection, from the fingertips to the wrist is guaranteed by padding made of PPS foam. It ensures an enormously large distribution of impact forces and protects your hands from injuries. The lining with Gripline is odor resistant and sweat away quickly from the outside. The thumb is fixed on the glove and, together with the ring in the wrist area, forms the basis for a sophisticated safety concept of the Pointfighter “Glossy Block Star”. For a secure fixation on your hands provide elastic and hook and loop fastener. You are a competitive athlete? Then let the “Glossy Block Star” award us two WAKO stamps.

    Further advantages:

    • ultralight (about 225 g/glove)
    • gloss finish
    • reinforced wrist
    • Inner lining with Gripline
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  • Pointfighter TOP TEN “Glossy Block”


    The Pointfighter “Glossy Block” is a further development of our Pointfighter classic and offers the martial arts athletes special protection on the wrist. Here we have a special feature, a 2 cm wide reinforced foam ring incorporated. In this way, we achieve an optimized impact absorption on the sensitive regions of the carpal joints. The proven lining with Gripline made of ASL Antislip material we have retained as in the case of Pointfighter as an important feature. The flexible PPS foam cushion ensures excellent energy absorption. A strong hook and loop fastener and a rubber band ensure the perfect hold of your gloves.

    Additional advantages:

    • Shiny appearance
    • Stitched, closed thumb
    • Ergonomic shaping
    • Very good damping properties
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