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    Punching Bags, Heavy Bags

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    • Punching bag, Heavy Bag „Drill“ for home workout


      A good reason to stay at home – TOP TEN punching bag “Drill.”

      Give up training in times of social isolation? Not with us, we bring martial arts straight to your home with the “Drill” punching bag. With its compact weight and a length of 100 cm, it sets off on a journey as a package. Our flyweight under the punching bags can compete for 100% with the “big ones” and will surprise you with its functionality. Unpack, hang up, and get started – on the TOP TEN “Drill.”

      Always stay at a distance.

      Insane. While everyone is talking about the new feeling of distance, you train exactly this aspect at home with the “Drill,” only sportier. As a freely mobile training device, the punching bag reacts to your impulses from a punch and kick combinations and thus prompts you to always keep your distance. Footwork, concentration, and precision are required to avoid the stable pendulum movement of the “Drill” with evasive actions.

      “Drill” – your power workout for at home.

      You can really let off steam and watch the extra pounds tumble while doing the power workout on the “Drill” punching bag. Thanks to its excellent TOP TEN quality, it copes with fast, hard combinations of punches and kicks – but also cuts a beautiful figure as a fitness device. For your own safety, please make sure to protect your hands accordingly. Bandages and sandbag gloves are the ideal partners for “Drill.”

      Order your package of concentrated power now and get the TOP TEN punching bag “Drill” right here in our online shop.

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    • Punching bag, Heavy Bag TOP TEN (filled)


      From now on, your training sessions will be even more varied. TOP TEN has been the specialist in martial arts for decades, and with the “TOP TEN” punching bag provides you with top-class training equipment. The cover consists of high-quality, tear-resistant, and absolutely hard-wearing synthetic leather with a characteristic grain. Whether you choose the retro model in vintage brown or the black models with red or yellow company print is up to you. Since the safety of the athletes is always our top priority, the “TOP TEN” punching bag is filled with compressed padding made of clean cotton sections. This material meets today’s requirements for sustainability and constant safety – even with frequent use under the most massive loads.

      Additional advantages:

      • stable suspension
      • delivery including steel chain
      • 3 lengths to choose from
      • 3 sporty designs
      • weight about 40 kg
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