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  • Kicks “SuperLight Power Ink Black´n´Black”



    Additional advantages:

    reinforced tread edges

    robust synthetic leather surface

    skin-friendly inner material

    perfect fit


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  • Kicks “SuperLight PRISM”


    The TOP TEN “SuperLight PRISM” foot protection ensures the best kicks because not only do they inspire with their appearance, they also impress with a comprehensive safety package. This includes the dimensionally stable padding made of high-quality PPS foam, the elastic toe loops, the fastening tape, and the non-slip inner material. For the long service life of your foot protectors, the bumper edge is reinforced with tape. Putting on the “SuperLight PRISM” is child’s play thanks to the simple system using the elastic stripes. Skin-friendly anti-slip material is used inside the slightly shiny synthetic leather protectors in the unique PRISM design. With a large selection of colors, TOP TEN’s “SuperLight PRISM” foot protectors cause a color explosion on the mat.

    Other advantages:

    • high damping properties
    • stable foam padding
    • shiny leatherette cover
    • non-slip inner material
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  • Kicks “ITF Kids” foot protector, foot gear


    The ITF foot protector not only makes little athletes look cool, but it also protects them particularly well. With form-strong paddingmade of shock-absorbing foam, TOP TEN makes the impact energy disappear almost without a trace. Due to the distribution over the entire surface of the foot protection, punctual overloading of the target area is excluded, thus reducing the risk of injury but also fatigue phenomena significantly. With a sturdy and durable faux leather shell, you can have fun with the “ITF Kids” in blue or red. The specially designed Kids print is abrasion-resistant applied in fresh colors on the instep. Elastic rubber loops and a strong hook-and-loop fastener allow the children’s foot protection to slide against children’s feet in shoe size range 33-36.

    Additional advantages:

    • cool kids design
    • extremely cushioning padding
    • robust artificial leather skin
    • easy to put on and take off
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  • Kicks “Superfight 3000” foot protector, foot gear


    TOP TEN, The pre-shaped padding is made from super shock absorbent PPS foam to protect against instep and ankle injuries. Covered in genuine 1.2 mm thick GENUINE leather on top with artificial leather underneath to prevent erosion caused by sweat.>

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  • Kicks “Fight” foot protector, foot gear


    Your feet are in good hands with us. With the TOP TEN foot protection “Fight” we guarantee immensely strong impact protection, as it is needed in martial arts for kickboxing or Taekwon-Do. The “Fight” is a particularly stable and lightweight foot protector. It owes its high energy intake to the used PPS foam, which is enclosed in a sturdy synthetic leather cover. The lower edges are lined with an additional functional leather strap, thus ensuring a long service life. The foot protector is held securely on the foot by means of a hook and loop system and toe loops. The TOP TEN print is abrasion resistant and applied centrally as a contrast to the 4 different basic colors (white/red/blue/black).

    Additional advantages:

    • PPS foam padding
    • durable synthetic leather cover
    • toe loops and hook and loop fastener
    • abrasion-resistant TOP TEN printing
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  • Kicks “SuperLight” for competition foot protector, foot gear


    Especially in the martial arts disciplines with a lot of footwork and kicking techniques, like in Taekwon-Do or Kickboxing, you should put a lot of emphasis on the protection of your feet. The most heavily loaded part of the musculoskeletal system is the foot, especially on the top of the metatarsus – the clamping area – unprotected. Top Ten’s “SuperLight” foot protectors are designed specifically for this area and combine with the latest medical and sports technologiesto bring more safety to martial arts. The sturdy synthetic leather case is filled with an already pre-formed PPS foam and offers the athlete excellent damping properties with high energy absorption. For a long shelf life, Top Ten’s bottom edge is reinforced with a black contrast stripe on all 6 color designs. The elastic closure band allows for an individual width adjustment and adapts perfectly to every foot shape.

    Additional advantages:

    • PPS foam
    • Synthetic leather with high-quality Top Ten Print
    • perfect cushioning
    • exchangeable closure tape
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  • Kicks “Check” foot protector, foot gear


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN Kicks, padding is made of super shock absorbent Bayfill® to protect against instep and ankle injuries. Covered in durable Rexion artificial leather>

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  • Kicks “KIDS 2016” foot protector, foot gear


    Now, movement comes into play. With the foot protectors “KIDS 2016” by TOP TEN even small athletes from the age of 5 years are well protected with kickboxing or Taekwon-Do. The pre-shaped kicks are padded with soft foam to protect the sensitive foot area from bruises. The elastic hook and loop strap ensures a child-friendly putting on of the protectors. By means of toe loops the “KIDS 2016” keep non-slip on all feet in the shoe size range 33-35. For a special highlight, our designers provided the TOP TEN KIDS logo. The kicks are available in bright colors (white, red, blue or black). With a smooth surface of washable imitation leather and a reinforced step edge, the “KIDS 2016” are long companions for little martial artists.

    Additional advantages:

    • from 5 years suitable
    • easy to put on
    • slip
    • TOP TEN KIDS logo
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