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Our pointfighters and open hands for Taekwon-Do athletes.

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  • Boxing gloves “4select” Leather


    The new is finally here. TOP TEN introduces the new boxing gloves “4select” from September 2019 onwards. The special feature of him is his 4 layers, which give you not only the best impact absorptionbut also an incomparable impulse feeling. The mixture of IMF foam, a one-piece plastic material that is already injected into the mold, is filled with layers of EVA foam. This guarantees you a high power transmission through the boxing gloves, especially in the area of the clubface. Before the padding is covered with soft, yet robust Genuine Cowhide Leather, the layers are firmly joined together. In terms of design, the “4select” boxing gloves are sporty and elegant thanks to their asymmetric color gradient and the typical TOP TEN logo. The “4select” print is clearly visible on the thumb and the strong hook and loop fastener. Show your passion with the new “4select” boxing gloves from TOP TEN.

    Additional advantages:

    • leather gloves
    • Color selection in a sporty design
    • unique multi-layer padding
    • perfect shaping
    • 4 weight sizes
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  • Open Hands “ITF”


    The Open Hands dition is an ITF approved glove series for competitions made of durable synthetic leather. The open hands convince with the already preformed PPS foam pad, which has very high damping properties. With the extra long stem, Top Ten brings a bit more security to your hands. By surrounding the wrists, the risk of injury is minimized, while the wearing comfort increases due to the secure hold of the open hands. Classic elements, such as the sewn-on thumb and the flexible and soft hook and loop fastener, can also be found in the Edition, while the look has been refreshedconsiderably. The large Top Ten logo print and the colored ITF emblem are large and strikingly placed.

    Additional advantages:

    • easy
    • compact fit
    • extra flat seam edges
    • high damping properties
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  • Open Hands “ITF Kids”


    TOP TEN, ITF Kids open hand gloves especially designed for children. Sizes fit boys and girls aged 5 and over. Ideal for Taekwon-Do but also Pointfighting. With regular foam rubber padding. Material: artificial leather>

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  • Boxing Gloves “Woman” for women


    For more women’s power in the ring TOP TEN provides with the competition gloves “Woman”. The high-quality boxing gloves made of functional nubuk II synthetic leather have a fine surface structure and convince in their strong design. Especially in boxing and kickboxing the “Woman” find new fans and are designed for athletes of different performance levels. The Padding made of PPS foam is used as a molded part in the prepared outer shell and is specially adapted to the anatomy of women. The cut is narrowerand thus the glove can fit snugly on your hands. So that you cannot hurt yourself, the thumb is fixed with an extra-long thumb band. The additional padded grip line and the strong hook and loop fastener ensure a perfect fit.

    Additional advantages:

    • contest Art Leather Gloves
    • washable lining
    • PPS foam pad
    • special cut for narrow hands
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  • Open Hands “Glossy Block ITF”


    If you really want to score points with the Taekwon-Do, then you are well-advised with the Open Hands Gloves “Glossy Block ITF”. The series goes back to the well-known Pointfighter series from the kickboxing area and has been innovatively upgraded with sophisticated details to meet the requirements of Taekwondo. Particularly striking is the circa 2 cm thick ring around the wrist. This robs your impact of the power, effectively protecting your wrist from serious injury. The gloves “ITF Glossy Block” are molded from proven PPS foam in one piece and are already produced with an anatomically perfect pre-curvature of the fingers. Automatically, your hands will take the optimal position and you can dynamically distribute your power over the glove. A rubber band, as well as the extra strong and rounded hook and loop fastener, ensure a firm hold. The unmistakable imitation leather gloss of the “Glossy Block ITF” does not just make the prints shine.

    Other advantages:

    • animal-friendly artificial leather
    • Inner lining made of ASL Antislip material
    • PPS foam
    • excellent damping properties
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  • Open Hands “ITF Superfight 3000”


    A masterpiece of open gloves, these are the Open Hands “ITF Superfight 3000” by TOP TEN. In the competition colors blue or redyou can see yourself at official competitions of the International Taekwon-Do Federation with the “ITF Superfight 3000” at any time. The outer hand is made of soft cowhide leather, while the proven ASL anti-slip material in the palm area convinces with its perfect grip and absolute slip resistance. Due to the combination of materials, the “ITF Superfight 3000” is ideally suited to the demands of the Taekwon-Do. Important TOP TEN safety features, such as the sutured thumb, an extended shaft or even the strong hook and loop fastener, are used here. The design is rather inconspicuous for the competition level – TOP TEN prints and a colored ITF label set discreet eye-catchers. The “ITF Superfight 3000” are available in double sizes S-M, M-L, and L-XL.

    Other advantages:

    • PPS foam padding
    • face real leather
    • ASL anti slip palm
    • ITF competition gloves
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