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  • Shin- and Instep Guard “Theep”


    Do not accept any compromises and use the “Theep” shin and instep guards from the TOP TEN IFMA collection in your Muay Thai training. Your protective equipment with a sophisticated safety concept ensures the best safety. On the surface of the shinbone and upper metatarsal, the cushioning padding is visible and noticeable. Due to the subdivision into small-area protective pads, the damping effect is excellent and can hardly be compared with any other product. As a firmly connected system, the “Theep” shin guard is simply put on using hook and loop fasteners and elastic foot straps. The back in the calf area was surprised with an additional protective layer. With their hard-wearing cover made of imitation leather, the “Theep” savers can keep up well in long-term training use.

    Additional advantages:

    • durable faux leather cover
    • 360° protection zone
    • high-quality padding
    • ergonomic shape
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  • Shin Guard “Triangle II Neo” for Thaiboxing, K1 und MMA


    Who wants to compete in full-contact sports, should not waive the best protective equipment. With the shin guard “Triangle II Neo”you’re 100% sure. TOP TEN keeps it ready for you in the sizes S / M / L and XL, as well as in 3 color options. The high-quality shin protection consists of impact-absorbing IMF foam and a robust layer of high-quality PU synthetic leather. As true lightweights, the “Triangle II Neo” on your legs will convince you. The shin- and instep guard is firmly connected via a neoprene strap. Together they guarantee the best freedom of movement with a firm seat and pleasant wearing comfort. An extra developed, sweat-wicking inner fleecedistinguishes the “Triangle II Neo” in terms of skin-friendliness.

    Additional advantages:

    • lightweight, compact protector
    • impact absorbing IMF foam
    • Synthetic leather case with neon print
    • Elastic bands on the heel and foot pads
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  • Shin Guard “Mix Fight Gorilla” for Thaiboxen, K1 und MMA


    he roaring animal buddy on the mix fight shin guard by TOP TENis named after the “Gorilla” shin guard and instep protector. The elaborate print is applied abrasion-resistant on the durable PU synthetic leather and can be easily cleaned if necessary. As a combination of shin and instep protection, a flexible protective lipis used. The front and the back of the foot have reinforced paddingdue to the particularly impact-absorbing IMF foam padding. A sweat-transporting soft fleece on the inside ensures a comfortable fit and protects your skin from irritation. A secure closure systemwith a combination of hook and loop- & elastic straps guarantees a perfect fit with the full freedom of movement.

    Additional advantages:

    • Shin & instep guard
    • sturdy PU synthetic leather
    • Padding made of IMF foam
    • elaborate design
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  • Shin Guard “Thaibox” for Thaiboxen, K1 und MMA


    Remaining stock with limited quantity.

    The shin guard “Thaibox” by Manus not only helps you to learn the basic kick techniques but also gives you the perfect conditions for an excellent defense in the highly detailed sports of Thai boxing, K1, and MMA. The lightweight protector “Thaibox” consists of a high-quality PU padding in a sturdy cotton cover. The likewise protected instep range reduces the risk of injury in training and sparring many times over. The sophisticated fixation system consists of 3 hook and loop straps on the calf and an elastic rubber on the ball of the foot. Thus, the “Thaibox” safely stay with all movements’ non-slip on your legs and give you even with dynamic movements, the optimal safety performance. The savers can be adjusted individually and are available in double sizes.

    Other advantages:

    • high-quality PU upholstery
    • skin-friendly cotton cover
    • optimal fixation
    • Instep Guard
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  • Shin Guard


    Easy to use and yet of the greatest ingenuity – the shin guard from Manus. With its shape, the protector lies snugly around the tibia and covers the side flanks as well as the front. Two elastic and extremely strong hook and loop fasteners give you the opportunity to customize the protective equipment individually to your body measurements and preferences. With an extensive length selection: XS = 26 cm; S = 28 cm; M = 30 cm; L = 32 cm, the Manus Shin Guard can precisely protect the sensitive shin area. The internal multi-layer foam ensures high impact absorption. A sturdy case made of PU synthetic leather makes the shin protection insensitive to external influences.

    Additional advantages:

    • sporty Manus decor
    • insensitive artificial leather
    • multilayer foam
    • strong, elastic straps
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  • Shin- and Instep Guard “Power Ink”


    TOP TEN,

    Other advantages:

    strong IMF padding

    robust synthetic leather cover

    Fixation via 3 hook and loop strips + 1 elastic loop

    skin-friendly inner material

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  • Shin- and Instep Guard “Star Light WAKO”


    TOP TEN,

    Additional advantages:

    ergonomic shaping

    non-slip hold

    diverse color selection

    easy-care PU synthetic leather


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  • Shin- and Instep Guard „Star Light“


    A festival of colors celebrates TOP TEN with the shin and instep guards “Star Light”. The typical TOP TEN Company Print is applied in expressive colors on the black, durable PU artificial leather surface. Due to their ergonomic shaping, the “Star Light” shin and instep guards underpin an exact foot position. With a low dead weight, you remain completely free to move despite the high protection of the protectors. Both components are firmly connected via a flexible protective lip. The degree of firmness of the upholstery is perceived as pleasant and goes in the matter of safety no compromises. For a tight fit on the leg, the “Star Light” shin guards with tension protection are closed by adhesive hook and loop strips. By turning over the hook and loop ends, they are hidden behind the calf. Besides, elastic stripes on heel and bale provide a non-slip grip.

    Other advantages:

    • durable synthetic leather cover
    • ergonomic shaping
    • strong hook and loop strips with turn over
    • brilliant color combinations
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  • Shin and Instep Guard “Wave”


    The 2019 “Marvelous” collection from Manus relies on increased levels of safety in martial arts. Therefore, we have reinforced the front of the tibia and the sensitive instep again. For optimal movement, the cut of the protector is optimized and adapts perfectly to your stature due to the shape. The shin guard is firmly closed with two robust hook and loop straps. Also, elastic fixation loops on the ball of the foot and the ankle provide absolute slip resistance. The typical Manus M appears fresh and relaxed on the colored artificial leather surface. Reinforced edges make the shin protection particularly robust and thus a long companion.

    Other advantages:

    • black / blue or black / red design
    • Shin + tension protection
    • strong hook and loop fastener
    • pleasant fit
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  • Shin Guard “WAKO Style”


    To reconcile robustness and shock-absorbing effects was the goal in the production of the new shin guard according to the latest competition rules of the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations. The tibia is one of the most sensitive parts of the body because it sits directly under the skin and is not surrounded by protective muscles. Especially in kickboxing, where kicks belong to the repertoire by default, a well-fitting shin guard is essential and is part of the equipment. Due to the slight shaping of the protectors, Top Ten achieves a good circulation in order to spread the impact energy across the surface. The wide and strong hook and loop fastener straps and the stocking on the fibula, provide the necessary support and prevent inflammation and abrasion, which can cause inferior products, from the beginning.

    Additional advantages:

    • easy
    • high damping property
    • easy to create
    • durable
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  • Shin Guard “Kids” for Kids


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN Kids generation shin guard, preshaped shinguard with high density foam. Covered with vinyl.>

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  • Shin Guard – black


    TOP TEN, High-quality shinguard with first class protection. Made of Bayflex®
    (same as TOP TEN Head Guards) with adjustable Velcro straps.>

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