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Our pointfighters and open hands for kickboxers.

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  • Pointfighter “Power Ink Black´n´Black”

    Black always works – that’s why the TOP TEN Pointfighter “Power Ink BnB” does not need any other color highlights. Even the well-known TOP TEN lettering in the design of the Power Ink series remains true to this style and shines on the robust outer shell made of PU synthetic leather. The thumb is fixed with a wide band for more security so that it cannot simply twist or be pushed backward. In addition, the Pointfighter “Power Ink BnB” is equipped with a wrist control system. A ring of highly compressed molded foamsurrounds your wrist, giving you more stability and dissipating impact energy. Your fingertips lie in precisely fitting straps so that your hands enjoy a perfect hold in the open kickboxing gloves. An elastic band and a strong hook and a loop fastener secure your TOP TEN Pointfighter “Power Ink BnB” on your hands.

    Additional advantages:

    • ergonomic curvature
    • fixed thumb
    • wrist Control System
    • high-damping padding
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  • Pointfighter WAKO Approved


    WAKO Approved pointfighter pakket.

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  • Pointfighter start pakket.


    Budget start pakket voor de beginnende Pointfighter.

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    Opgelet: Enkel verkrijgbaar in Rood of Blauw


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  • Sport-Tape

    The TOP TEN Sport tape brings you an indescribable balance of stability and mobility. With the 100 cm long and optionally 2,5 cm, 3.8 cm or 5 cm wide inelastic plaster strips in white, can avoid extreme overloading. In the martial arts disciplines, these often occur on the hands, knuckles, and joints. Especially after a healed injury, the area should be spared, but without restricting its mobility. A modular tape dressing can also be done by yourself with expert guidance. You should ensure that the plaster strips are not stuck on open wounds or irritated skin. With the TOP TEN sports tape, you can actively prevent painful attacks. Professionals appreciate our adhesive strips for fixing the gauze bandages in the competition area.

    Additional advantages:

    • not elastic
    • high adhesive strength
    • white with TOP TEN logo
    • wave design for easy tear off
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  • Pointfighter “Glossy Block”

    The Pointfighter “Glossy Block” is a further development of our Pointfighter classic and offers all martial arts athletes special protection in the wrist area. We have incorporated a 2 cm wide reinforcement ring made of compressed foam as a unique feature. This achieves an optimized impact absorption on the sensitive regions of the carpal joints. We have retained the tried-and-tested interior of the Pointfighter – with grip line and ASL anti-slip material– as important features. The flexible PPS foam padding ensures excellent energy absorption. A strong hook and loop fastener and an elastic band guarantee your “Glossy Block” Pointfighters a perfect fit.

    Additional advantages:

    • shiny optics
    • sewn-on, closed thumb
    • ergonomic shape
    • excellent damping properties
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