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  • Karate fist protector “TSUKI” with thumb (WKF approved)


    For those who prefer a little bit more safety, the karate fist guards “TSUKI” are with thumbs. They are identical to our proven Hayashi TSUKI model 237 fist protector, but also have a special thumb guide because an exposed thumb can cause your partner painful stab injuries. The crescent shape of the guards will keep your hands in perfect control. Contrary to classic boxing gloves, karate fists are open on the inside. Your fingers will find a secure hold in the elastic loops and the thumb lies protected in the half-height guide. A high impact absorption by highly compressed foam and a durable outer shell made of artificial leather make the protectors indispensable in the Kumite field. In the competition colors red and blue, the “TSUKI” with thumbs are officially approved by the World Karate Federation.

    Additional advantages:

    • robust artificial leather cover
    • compressed foam padding
    • thumb guide
    • WKF approval
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  • Karate fist protector “TSUKI” (WKF approved)


    Specially designed, taking into account karate techniques and WKF regulations, Hayashi has hit the bull’s eye with the “TSUKI” fist guards. The slightly preformed protectors cover the front fist and the back of the fist and provide your hands in training as well as in competition the perfect protection. This leaves enough space and disability in your movements by the “TSUKI” Karate mitts is excluded. Using elastic loops, the fingers are guided close to the protector. Contrary to classic boxing gloves, the “TSUKI” have no thumb, have an open palm and are much lighter and more flexible. A stretch tape with hook and loop closure keeps the TSUKI securely in place.

    Additional advantages:

    • preformed foam
    • robust artificial leather surface
    • Stretch-Loops
    • WKF approved
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  • Karate fist protector “Tsuki” for training


    The various karate punching techniques Tsuki can be trained with the Hayashi “Tsuki” every day. The sturdy fist protector made of imitation leather is processed particularly high quality and therefore promises a long life, even under the toughest conditions. For optimum protection, the padding is made from an already preformed foam inner part. Your hands are perfectly protected in the curvature and elastic straps make sure your fingers are always safely guided. The inner cotton cover ensures a comfortable fit. About the strong hook and loop fastener, the “Tsuki” can be adjusted individually. Hayashi provides you the model in the colors red and blue in the size range of XS – L.

    Other advantages:

    • preformed padding
    • high protection performance
    • inner lining cotton
    • strong hook and loop fastener
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  • Fist & Forearm Guard


    Remaining stock with limited quantity.

    Let’s get to the bottom of it. Why is fist and forearm protection so useful, especially in Taekwon-do and karate? Quite simply – both sports rely on a lot of hands and arms work. Hayashi, as a specialist in Far Eastern martial arts, has launched a garment with many safety features with its forearm and forearm protection in the form of cuffs. First of all, putting on is child’s play and so safety equipment is not only available in the senior version, but also for junior size kids. Secondly, the padding made of 15 mm thick, shock-absorbing foam convinces in terms of effective power distribution. Third, the dual division of the foam promises increased mobility. And last but not least, the slight compression effect of the material is noticeable, but only after training, as the regeneration time can be noticeably shortened.

    Additional advantages:

    • simple cuff principle
    • high-quality padding
    • rounded fit
    • absolutely soft to wear
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