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Use our TOP TEN and Hayashi Shin Guards to protect yourself during Karate training

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  • Karate Shin and Instep Guard (WKF approved)


    To protect your feet and shins, Hayashi provides you with the shin and instep guard best, competition-tested protective equipmentfor your sport. You will especially appreciate the pleasant fit from the beginning. The pre-curved padding inside absorbs energy and distributes it immediately over the entire protective surface. This puncture loads, such as knee socks, perfectly intercepted and the risk of injury lowers in training as well as in competition many times over. By means of a flexible hook and loop fastener tether and instep guard adhere firmly to each other, but of course, can also be worn individually at any time.

    Additional advantages:

    • skin-friendly surface
    • high energy absorption
    • nonskid
    • competition approved (WKF)
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  • Karate Shin and Instep Guard


    Protect yourself and your training partner with the sensational safety equipment from Hayashi. Wherever hard kicks are used, effective protection of shins and feet is absolutely necessary. Only well-protected, injury-free training is possible and the fun of sports guaranteed. The Hayashi Shin-and Instep Guard is a special set for effective karate training and sparring. The protectors meet high demands and are comfortable to wear due to their cut and fit. The shin guard is extra reinforced on the front and fits comfortably around the leg. The 2 soft and strong hook and loop closures ensure a secure fit. The foot protection also features a padding made of ultralight and highly compressed foam for added safety under the sturdy and abrasion-resistant synthetic leather cover.

    Additional advantages:

    • Set offer in blue or red
    • strong hook and loop fasteners
    • insensitive artificial leather
    • ultralight foam padding
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  • Shin and Instep Guard


    You are looking for an ultra-light and very adaptable shin and instep guard? Then your search with the Hayashi shin and instep guard will come to an end. The flexible protector is made of 100% mesh material and is simply put on like a stocking. An additional hook and loop strap on the upper tibia optimizes the fit of the EVA molding and makes the schooner absolutely slip-resistant. The breathable fabric protects your skin from perspiration and ensures a comfortable, frictionless wearing. In the 4 color designs, red, white, black and blue, everyone will find their favorite. With size grading in Junior and Senior, the Hayashi shin- and instep guard is part of your protective gear right from the start.

    Additional advantages:

    • easy donning
    • 100% polyester / mesh
    • pleasant wearing comfort
    • high protection performance
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  • Shin Guard


    Super lightweight shin guard by Hayashi made of 100% polyester mesh for high elasticity. The front protector is made of compressed EVA foam, which with its excellent properties can also absorb high impact energy. This prevents overstressing of the periosteum and musculature and makes dreaded Shin Splints the worst. The mesh fabric is breathable and supports the calf muscles with its fine tissue structure. This improves circulation and oxygenation in your legs. The shin protection from Hayashi not only brings you more energy in the legs but also increases your endurance performance. The two hook and loop straps support a firm hold of the protectors, which does not affect the wearing comfort thanks to the soft mesh fabric.

    Additional advantages:

    • EVA foam padding
    • breathable mesh cover
    • strong hooks
    • available as Child, Junior & Senior version
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  • Shin Guard – white, size XL


    Remaining stock with limited quantity.

    It is hard to feel and yet so incredibly important to protect yourself from painful injuries – the shin guards by Hayashi. Their uncomplicated construction made of 15 mm thick foam makes the shin guards real lightweights. Two wide hook and loop fasteners hold the protectors firmly on the leg, where they fit, thanks to the anatomical shape perfectly. Moisture and heat can easily escape through small air openings so that the protectors can easily be worn in direct contact with the skin. The timeless white design with the well-known Hayashi print is rather inconspicuous, which means that your safety equipment is subordinate to the sportswear. For storage and transport, we recommend a suitable mesh bag from our shop range.

    Further advantages:

    • 15 mm thick foam
    • perforations for air exchange
    • anatomical shaping
    • hard-wearing hook and loop fasteners
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