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Head Guards

Use our head guards to protect yourself during Karate practice

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  • Protective Mask


    Keep a complete overview on the mat and get the TOP TEN face mask, an additional official tool from WAKO for Pointfighting. The mask is made of break-proof and transparent polycarbonate and specially designed for point fighting requirements. It is attached to one of your TOP TEN headgear with hook and loop fasteners in a matter of seconds and significantly increases its safety in the eye and nose area. The mask also protects even the chin area to absorb uppercut or knee impacts effectively. Your breathing remains undisturbed through the ventilation openings on your nose and mouth. The easy-care properties of your TOP TEN face mask, which can be cleaned with clear water and disinfected if necessary, also ensure a good feeling.

    Additional advantages:

    • break-proof polycarbonate
    • additional tool for TOP TEN head protection
    • simple hook and loop fastening
    • official mask for WAKO Pointfighting
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  • Hook-and-Loop strap replacement for Top Ten headguards


    When technology copies nature, we are in the field of bionics. The hook and loop straps from Top Ten are one of those famous nature copies. The two strong polyester straps are available as replacement straps for the Top Ten headgear “Competition Fight”, “Avantgarde”, “Full Protection” and “Training”. The adhesive tape is provided with extremely durable and specially woven hooks. The counterpart, the so-called loop tape, is filled with countless slings and connects perfectly with the adhesive tape. With more than 10,000 possible repetitions, a hook and loop fastener is one of the most durable and effective closures available.

    Additional advantages:

    • Top Ten logo patch
    • extra strong nylon straps
    • close with strong hook and look fastener
    • double stitched
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  • Head Guard “Avantgarde” (WAKO approved) without chin and cheekbone protection


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN AVANTGARDE headguard, made of Bayflex®, the most durable, shock absorbent material. The head guard of the future
    – Ideal also for child>

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  • Head Guard “Training” with cheekbone protector


    TOP TEN, New TOP TEN training head guard with extra cheekbone protection, made of super shock absorbent Bayflex® extra durable.>

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  • Head Guard “Full Predection” with chin and cheekbone protector


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN Headguard FULL PROTECTION made of durable Bayflex®, this new model provides the most protection as it is thicker and protects the cheekbones and chin.The ultimate training head guard.>

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  • Head Guard “Competition Fight”


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN Headguard COMPETITION FIGHT made of super shock absorbent Bayflex®. Durable, washable and hygienic. Allows 100% vision, breathing and hearing. Special adjustable design prevents head guard from slipping around on the head.>

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  • Head Guard “NEON Avantgarde” (WAKO approved) without chin and cheekbone protection


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN AVANTGARDE headguard, made of Bayflex®, the most durable, shock absorbent material. The head guard of the future
    Expensive IMC paintwork!>

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