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Martial Arts

Martial arts is the fluid transition between art and sport.

The old martial arts go back to times long gone. From the Latin-derived martial arts also called “Ars Martialis” – the art of Mars, a Roman god of war. Even today, “martial arts” or “art martial” (French) is a generic term and summarizes both martial arts and martial sports. In the German area, there is a rough distinction between martial arts and martial sports. While in martial sports on the regulated competition sets, usually in a duel, the focus of the martial arts in the more competition-free styles. Self-defense and traditional rituals are very important here. However, it is not always possible to draw clear boundaries and so attractive competition variants have developed in the classic martial arts, such as the Japanese Kata styles. While martial arts are more likely to be South / Southeast and East Asia, boxing, karate, judo, wrestling, and Russian Sambo are among the most popular martial arts in Europe. Whether athletic or with a spiritual background – do what you like. In our online shop, you will find everything you need for your sport. In addition, we have put together many tips and valuable information exclusively for you.

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