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  • Kettlebell


    Ball dumbbells are making a comeback, and TOP TEN is packing the heavyweights in a sturdy plastic cover. The housing is absolutely shockproof and protects the surface should a kettlebell accidentally come up too tight. The flattened bottom and the closed handle are part of the design of a kettlebell. Due to the compact shape, kettlebells are perfect for training at home, so that you can set up weight training yourself. Especially beginners should not underestimate the momentum of the equipment and start with a low weight. The handle with its corrugated structurelies non-slip in the hand so that you can swing, tear, move, or push the cement-filled kettlebells safely.

    Additional advantages:

    • robust plastic housing
    • shockproof cement filling
    • timeless black and white design
    • weights to choose from – 3/5/8 kilograms
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