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  • Tai Chi sword wood 93


    Dynamic and mediative exercises can be performed with the mighty tai chi sword made of red oak. The wooden sword has an approximate length of 93 cm and lies comfortably in hand with the classic sword division – pommel, handle, parry, and blade. In your movements, you will recognize a feeling of authenticity and still feel the complete security of a practice sword. Beginners must learn to be able to transfer their attention from the hand to an object. This is the only way to achieve flowing movements with which you can continue to pursue the basic principles of Tai Chi. The sword is of high quality and gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with movement possibilities without injury. Learn your first Tai Chi weapon forms with the robust wooden sword from our online shop.

    Other advantages:

    • high-quality workmanship
    • natural red oak
    • classic sword construction
    • for dynamic and mediative exercises
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