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Jump ropes, Speed ropes

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  • Jump Rope “Heavy Jumper XL”


    Jumping rope with the “Heavy Jumper XL” is anything but child’s play. The multi-braided rope with a length of 2.8 m and an incredible weight of 2.14 kg gets you out of breath in short intervals. Also known as the battle rope skipping rope, the black/red rope from TOP TEN is perfect for strengthening your endurance and upper body muscles. Here, speed is not what is important, but the fact that the rope with a diameter of 3.5 cm is brought into an even rotation. Made of robust and resistant polyester, the “Heavy Jumper XL” is your special equipment for inside and outside.

    Additional advantages:

    • length of 2.8 m
    • weight 2.14 kg
    • rope diameter 3.5 cm
    • specially coated rope ends
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  • Jump Rope “Heavy Jumper”


    The black and yellow “Heavy Jumper” jump rope is anything but ordinary. Similar to the well-known battle ropes, you hold a multi-braided and slightly elastic rope with a thickness of 3 cm in your hands on the 2.8 m long jump rope. The ends are coated and ensure a non-slip grip. Training with the “Heavy Jumper” is neither speed nor technique in the foreground. Instead, it is a new way of training extreme endurance. In its universal size, the swinging rope is perfectly designed for individual sessions and promises unlimited sporting pleasure inside and outside.

    Additional advantages:

    • multi-braided jump rope
    • diameter 3 cm
    • Universal size 2.8 m
    • weight 1.56 kg
    • color black/yellow
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  • Jump rope TOP TEN


    TOP TEN helps you jump on the jump – with the jump rope “My Jump,” a complete warm-up becomes a full training session. This inconspicuous training tool will now teach you more and more because its lightweight will surely stow it in every little bag. Even outdoor enthusiasts will get their money’s worth with “My Jump”, because the plastic-coated steel cable with robust and more extensive positions features properties. The actual bearing creates a smooth rotating effect in order to hear high numbers of hits. “My jump” becomes lightweight thanks to the nylon handles, which are crack-resistant even when sweaty decisions are made. For individual sports and leisure fun, the rope length of 275 cm can be shortened to fit the athletes. With the last 4 possible color models, the TOP TEN skipping rope “My jump” for wind and wind in everyday training.

    Additional reasons:

    • light nylon handles
    • secure bearing against twisting
    • enables high impact rate
    • 4 colors to choose from
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  • Jumping Rope steel


    From beginners to professionals – a jump rope is the ideal training tool for all performance levels. In its light design, the jump rope with PVC-coated steel ropeimpresses with its particularly smooth running. It swings perfectly with both slow and fast turns. Twisting of the rope is impossible, thanks to the stable design and the ergonomic handles. Also, the length of the rope can be shortened so that you can hold an individually tailored training device in your hands in just a few simple steps. But jumping is not the only thing that matters. As your pulse rises with the number of beats and speed, your full concentration is required. Brain jogging with a difference – with the jump rope from the Budoland online shop.

    Additional advantages:

    • adjustable length
    • PVC coated steel cable
    • ergonomic plastic handles
    • for beginners and advanced
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