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Material: Shell: 100% Polyurethane; Filling: foam

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  • Boxing glove “Jumbo”


    Get sporty and make yourself really comfortable. With the “Jumbo” boxing glove, TOP TEN brings sporty flair to every room. With a length of 60 cm, the robust artificial leather boxing glove can be seen from afar and leave no doubt that martial arts are lived where they are at home. To ensure that the “Jumbo” decorative boxing glove can be enjoyed for a long time, the material is robust and can be cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary. The dimensionally stable filling inside ensures that your “Jumbo” always finds its way back to its original position. The lacing makes the boxing glove stylish and helps with the correct positioning of your room decoration.

    Other advantages:

    • color selection
    • length about 60 cm
    • durable faux leather case
    • lacing can be used as a suspension
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